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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 5 Hansard (10 April) . .

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In relation to issues around cracks in the dam wall which I think you said could challenge the integrity of the dam wall, those have been assessed as appropriate, indeed, I believe by ESDD late last year. I think those matters have been well understood by all. There is no link to that and the issues that we were reporting an update to the Assembly on yesterday.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Mr Wall.

MR WALL: Chief Minister, what proportion of the possible cost increase and delivery delay is attributed to the cost of the repairs of the cracks? If none, what did the repairs cost?

MS GALLAGHER: In relation to the specific question, I will have to take some advice if there is a dollar figure that can be put on that. In relation to the issues of the possible change to the budget, the shareholders have been advised that there is no change to the budget of the enlarged Cotter Dam, but we have been told that by the time the project is complete there is a chance—

Mr Seselja: No change to the budget, but it's going to cost more.

MS GALLAGHER: No, well, let's just listen and accept what we have been told. We were in the meeting. We have been told that the final dam cost will come within one per cent of the budget—that is either one per cent above $404 million or one per cent below $404 million. But there has been no change to the budget as agreed and understood by all in this place.

MADAM SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Mr Hanson.

MR HANSON: Chief Minister, what have you done as a shareholder to satisfy yourself personally that there is no risk to the integrity of the dam wall as a result of these cracks?

MS GALLAGHER: I have done my job.

MADAM SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Mr Hanson.

MR HANSON: Chief Minister, when did the shareholders first become aware of these reported cracks in the wall and what did they do in response?

MS GALLAGHER: I would have to check my notes in relation to that.

Disability services—funding

MR DOSZPOT: My question is to the Minister for Disability, Children and Young People. Minister, the opposition have recently received correspondence from a constituent who attended an information session on 27 March attended by Disability ACT. At that session, the constituent was advised by senior staff that there was a real possibility, and I quote, "that the current service arrangements provided by Disability

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