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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 5 Hansard (9 April) . .

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Mr Corbell presented the following papers:

Coroners Act, pursuant to subsection 57(4)—Report of Coroner—Inquest into the death of Stephen Moon—

Report, dated 24 September 2012.

Executive response.

Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act, pursuant to section 13—Annual Report 2011-2012—Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate—Corrigendum.


Petition which does not conform with the standing orders—Regulation of pharmacy ownership and premises—Ms Gallagher (64 signatures).

Subordinate legislation (including explanatory statements unless otherwise stated)

Legislation Act, pursuant to section 64—

Domestic Violence Agencies Act—Domestic Violence Agencies (Council) Appointment 2013 (No 2)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-33 (LR, 18 March 2013).

Heritage Act—Heritage (Swinger Hill Cluster Housing) Guidelines 2013 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-34 (LR, 21 March 2013).

Public Health Act—Public Health (Fees) Determination 2013 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-30 (LR, 14 March 2013).

Public Place Names Act—

Public Place Names (Bonner) Amendment Determination 2013 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-29 (LR, 14 March 2013).

Public Place Names (Coombs) Determination 2013 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-28 (LR, 14 March 2013).

Road Transport (General) Act—Road Transport (General) (Police Motorcycle Rider) Exemption 2013 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-31 (LR, 15 March 2013).

Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation—Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Parking Authority Declaration 2013 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2013-32 (LR, 18 March 2013).

Supplementary answer to question without notice

Transport—light rail

MR CORBELL: With your indulgence, Mr Assistant Speaker, I will briefly add to an answer I gave in question time today. Mr Coe asked me about the costs of the government to date in relation to work on the light rail project. My answer referred to the costs associated with external sources. In addition, there were costs associated with existing staff time within the government. The total pro rata staffing costs for the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate were $164,000 in 2011-12 and $128,000 to date in 2012-13. Within the Economic Development Directorate the pro rata salary costs were $145,000 to date in 2012.

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