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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 4 Hansard (20 March) . . Page.. 1122..

MADAM ACTING SPEAKER: Just ignore the interjection, Mr Barr. Mr Smyth, you are not being very helpful. Mr Barr, just ignore the interjection from Mr Smyth. It is entirely unhelpful.

MR BARR: Thank you, Madam Acting Speaker, I will resist the temptation to respond to the deceptacons. We have worked closely—

Mr Smyth interjecting—


Dr Bourke: Madam Acting Speaker, on a point of order.

MADAM ACTING SPEAKER: Stop the clocks, if you would not mind.

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MADAM ACTING SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, would you mind letting Dr Bourke make it?

Dr Bourke: Mr Smyth has been using unparliamentary language. He has described the Treasurer as deceitful, and I ask that he withdraw it.

MADAM ACTING SPEAKER: Mr Smyth, if you called Mr Barr deceitful, you would need to withdraw that.

Mr Smyth: I said, "This is the deception now."If you apportion that to the Treasurer being deceitful, I will withdraw.

Mr Corbell: So graceful!

Mr Smyth: I didn't say Andrew Barr was deceitful.

Members interjecting—

Mr Smyth: Rather than upset them, I will withdraw. They're saying I said that Andrew Barr is deceitful. I did not use the words "Andrew Barr is deceitful". So I will withdraw that and perhaps they should withdraw impugning their own member.


MR BARR: Thank you, Madam Acting Speaker. As I was saying, we have worked closely with the community sector to implement the equal pay case, which will boost wages in the community sector by $33 million over the next eight years, affecting nearly 4,000 ACT workers. Already 35 community organisations in the territory have received additional funding to meet this increase in wages for their employees.

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