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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 2 Hansard (12 February) . . Page.. 399..

outputs (controlled) appropriation; $456,000 in payments on behalf of the territory; and $46,000 in capital injection (controlled) appropriation.

The fifth instrument authorises a total rollover of $3.381 million for the Community Services Directorate, comprising $175,000 in net cost of outputs (controlled) appropriation and $3.206 million in capital injection (controlled) appropriation.

The sixth instrument, Mr Assistant Speaker, authorises a total rollover of $3.228million for the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate comprising $2.918 million in net cost of outputs (controlled) appropriation and $310,000 in the capital injection (controlled) appropriation.

The seventh and final instrument in this package authorises a total rollover of $203,051 in capital injection (controlled) appropriation, for the ACT Public Cemeteries Authority for the new southern cemetery design.

Finally, section 18 of the Financial Management Act provides for the authorisation of expenditure from the Treasurer's Advance. This package includes one such instrument providing an increase of $722,404 in net cost of outputs (controlled) appropriation for the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate for the payment of costs associated with the inquiry into secondary water use to the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission. Additional details regarding all instruments are provided in the statement of reasons accompanying each of the instruments I have tabled today. I commend these to the Assembly.


Mr Corbell presented the following papers:

Crimes (Assumed Identities) Act—Pursuant to subsection 38(4)—Report about authorities for assumed identities—2011-2012, dated 26 November 2012.

Coroners Act, pursuant to subsection 102(8)—Chief Coroner—Annual Report—1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012.

Australian Crime Commission (ACT) Act, pursuant to subsection 51(5)—Annual report 2011-12—Board of the Australian Crime Commission, dated 26 November 2012.

Performance reports

Financial Management Act, pursuant to section 30E—Half-yearly directorate performance reports—December 2012, for the following directorates:

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate, dated January 2013.

Community Services Directorate, dated January 2013.

Economic Development Directorate.

Education and Training Directorate, dated January 2013.

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate.

Health Directorate, dated February 2013.

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