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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

Apology, 504
Education, 835q
Government expenditure, 2451qn
Public service staff, 1899qn
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 714
ACT Ambulance Service, cardiac monitors, 3714q, 3817q
ACT Policing, alcohol enforcement, 3249q
ACT public service
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, 1899qn
Disability employment strategy, 2722q
Employees, 3544qn
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Management, 831q, 1635q, 1641q
Managing director, 1351q
ACTION bus service
Fleet, 4423q
Patronage, 2284q
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Capacity, 3587q, 3700q, 3721q, 4157q
Lockdowns, 4430q, 4441q
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 3147, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3171
Arts, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, 1846q
Beekeeping, urban areas, 1952q
Bushfires, preparedness, 2729q, 3005q
Red tape, 1360q
Telstra awards, 2670
Planning, 2065, 2079
Proposed swimming pool, 3665, 3675
Canberra, centenary, 1943q, 1948q
Autism, 3294
Boundless Canberra playground, 3419
Community Services Directorate, outputs and savings, 4533qn
Construction industry
Building approvals, 2030q
Building awards, 2783
Earth awards, 1974
Support, 2026q
Cotter Dam, cost, 1437q
Crime, Tuggeranong, 2155q
Disability services
ACT government role, 3707q
Disability ACT, 3000q
Funding, 2629q, 3913q
Insurance, 3826q
Respite care, 2868q, 4294q, 4538q
Workers compensation, 2866q
Disabled persons
Respite care, 3361q
Support, 245
Drugs, rehabilitation, 740q
Indigenous students, 835q, 1580qn, 2187qn
Schools, Gonski review, 77q
Teachers, 1542q
Universities, orientation week, 642
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 4152qn
Emergency services, levy, 4119q
Policy, 288q
Skills forecast, 2622q
Energy, solar, 4514qn
Environment, climate change, 4304q
Erindale, parking, 1744
Families, services, 1638q
Community commitments, 632
Executive contracts, 4112q
Infrastructure projects, 289q
Autism, early intervention, 3294
Birthing centre, 492q
Bush healing farm, 2297q
HealthOrgan donations, 907
Healthy weight action plan, 3998q
Mental health, 169q
Hospitals, emergency departments, 379q
Housing, youth homelessness, 1380
Industrial relations, long service leave, 3257q
Disability services, 3826q
National disability insurance scheme, 4377
Third party, 3825q
Lake Tuggeranong, pollution, 616q, 995qn
Lanyon Valley, community facilities, 845
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 2133
Members, Wall, Mr A, inaugural speech, 25
Personal explanations, 1859, 3505
Points of order, 1534, 1542, 1721, 1776, 2026, 2307, 3095, 3112, 3828, 3914, 3257, 3488, 4405
Standing order 248, 4403
Valedictory, 337, 4489
Manuka Oval, major events, 511
Menslink, charity work, 417
Motorcycle Riders Association, blanket run, 1975
Municipal services
Fadden, 1536q, 1549q
Street sweeping, 2159q
National Multicultural Festival, success, 388q
Neighbourhood Watch, activities, 551
Parking, Manuka Oval, 511
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 4176
Belconnen hotel, proposed, 3990q
Calwell, 956q, 2065, 2079
Calwell swimming pool, proposed, 3665, 3675, 4197q, 4208q
Territory plan variation 306, 1671, 1691
Ashley Drive, 833q
Car sharing, 737q
Dangerous driving, 959q
Driving offences, 2786qn
Erindale, 1744
Footpaths, 532, 539
Kambah Pool Road, 3126q
Network, 199
Parking, 762, 1744
Safety, 3853
Traffic management, 3059
Tuggeranong, 959q
Royalla solar farm, project, 3611q
Registration requirements, 4195q
Taylor Primary School, 378q
Ground maintenance, 3756
Tuggeranong facilities, 3599q, 3612q
Tuggeranong Vikings Club awards, 770
Velodrome closure, 1726q
Tandem, support services, 245
Taxation, payroll tax, 4176
Bicycle storage, 1720q, 2465q
Light rail, 2617q, 3114q, 3909q
Park and ride facilities, 1850q
Tuggeranong Community Festival, contributions, 4236
University of Canberra, autism centre, proposed, 3956
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 3258q, 3305, 3318, 3487q, 4243, 4368
Green bins, 82q
Resource management centres, 2607, 2613
Women's Information and Referral Centre, closure, 4299q
Homelessness, 1380
National Youth Week, 1380
Services, 1533q

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