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ACT Ambulance Service

Cardiac monitoring, 3595q
Culture, 4121q
Management, 4283q, 4285q, 4288q
Performance, 611q
ACT centenary, importance, 102
ACT Emergency Services Agency, management, 4030, 4043, 4434q, 4441q
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, outputs and savings, 4531qn
ACT public service
Background checks, 3263q
Wage negotiations, 2615q
ACT Rural Fire Service, brigade numbers, 4529qn
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Dividend payments, 1632q
Executive remuneration, 1628q, 1717q, 2216q
Managing director, 1939q
Water billing, 3905q
ACTION bus service, enterprise agreement, 1845q
Alleged fraud, 1358q, 1549q
Proposed sale, 4464
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, prin, 2417, allotment of time2825, detail, (ACT Executive) 2826, (Auditor-General) 2851, (Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate) 2881, (Superannuation Provision Account) 2886, (Territory Banking Account) 2887, (Economic Development Directorate) 2897, (Commerce and Works Directorate) 2909, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2919, (Capital Metro Agency) 2936, 3090, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3175, (ACTEW Corporation) 3177, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3188, (Exhibition Park Corporation) 3193, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 3195, (Treasurer's Advance) 3197
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013 (No 2), prin, 1524
Ainslie and Gorman House arts centres, 4004q
Cultural Facilities Corporation, 4156qn
Funding, 2215q
Public, 474q
Street Theatre, 3007q
Tuggeranong Arts Centre, 1845q
Tuggeranong Community Arts Association, 3821q, 3992q, 4156q
Auditor-General, audit findings, 473q
Australian Capital Tourism, pilot initiatives, 2799qn
Brindabella Women's Group, photographic exhibition, 3296
Cost of living statement, 2285q
Debate, 2241, 2417, 2571, 2590
Deficit, 164q
Election promises, 2020q
Expenditure restraint, 872, 886
Importance, 2291q
Lease variation charge, 67q, 734q, 1490, 1501, 1575qn, 2460qn, 2146q, 3874qn
Program allocations, 3875qn
Rates, 2283q
Review, 2140
Savings, 2854q, 3904q, 4508qn
Sport expenditure, 2289q
Superannuation, 374q, 834q
Surplus, 2857q
Fuel management plan, 4528qn
Macarthur horse paddocks, 1848q
Management, 484q, 499q, 525
Preparedness, 2728q, 3004q, 3266q, 3391, 3402, 3607q
Buy local campaign, 1896qn
Export market, 3361q
National Broadband Network, 1898qn
Red tape reduction, 614q, 1361q, 1891qn, 2794qn
Supermarkets, 1931q
Support, 1534q, 1549q
Business Development, pilot initiatives, 2797qn
Calwell, proposed swimming pool, 3671
Canberra centenary
Celebrations, 372q, 963q, 4217, 4429q
Trail, funding, 605q
Skywhale, 2454qn, 2455qn, 2457qn, 2458qn, 2459qn
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, maternity services, 220
Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate, outputs and savings, 4521qn
Children, abuse, 477q
Commerce and Works Directorate, outputs and savings, 4522qn
Community Services Directorate, outputs and savings, 4526qn
Construction industry, support, 2025q
Denman Prospect, sale, 4503qn
Duties (Duty Deferral) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3240
Economic Development Directorate
Organisational chart, 2785qn
Tourism, Events and Sport Division, 1576qn
Outputs and savings, 4526qn
Cost of living, 128, 139
Exports, 1632q
Government support, 491q
Job creation, 980
Major events, 1557
Performance, 1725q
Policies, 2270, 2310
Trade missions, 1932q
Exports, 2462qn
International students, 2622q
Public system, 2148q
St Mary MacKillop College, 3421
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 480q, 732q
Emergency services
Infrastructure, 4514qn
Levy, 4120q
Resignations, 3706q, 4529qn, 4537q
Emergency Services Agency, management, 4270, 4280
Employment, skilled migration, 1890qn, 1895qn, 1897qn
Electricity prices, 1855q, 1953q
Renewable, 2022q
Conservation, 1449q
Greenhouse gas, 857
Lakes and waterways, 319
Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, financial statements, 743q
Fair Trading (Fuel Prices) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3459
Federal budget, 1980, 1994, 2033q, 2152q, 2162q, 2166, 2172
Government expenditure, 1919
Investments, 1567qn
Financial Management Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 600
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3203
Casino Canberra, 4107q
Memorandum of understanding, 3830q
Poker machines, 280, 3832q
Racing, 349
Regulation, 1622q
Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 280
Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 2767
Business portal, 1893qn
Chief Minister, election, 5
Directorates, 300q
Executive contracts, 3482q, 3483q
Late payments, 4523qn
Minister for Education and Training, statements, 299q
Ministerial and crossbench staff, 187q
Ministerial arrangements, 1526q
Policies, 3593q
Tendering arrangements, 2860q
Treasurer, mnc 2827, 2846
Guises Creek rural fire brigade, anniversary, 3642
Food safety, 2796qn, 4198q
Fractures, 991qn
Healthy weight action plan, 3999q
Preventive measures, 236
Reusable bags, 4121q, 4537q
Hospitals, funding, 285q
Affordability, 3131q
First home owner grants, 3202
Land rent scheme, 3523, 3529, 4300q, 4525qn
Students, 3355q
Industrial relations
Bus drivers, 1845q
Long service leave, 3255q, 4180
Insurance, third party, 279, 3712q
Jack Charles v The Crown, stage show, 2778
Justice and Community Safety Directorate, outputs and savings, 4527qn
Lake Tuggeranong, target area grant, 612q
Land, rent scheme, 3876qn
Land Rent Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3523, detail, 3529
Lanyon Valley, community facilities, 818
Legislative Assembly
Commission reports, 4408
Administration and Procedure, 4408
Establishment, 54
Estimates 2013-2014, 917
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 3272, 3275
Privileges, 4161, 4230
Public Accounts, 558, 1524, 2741, 3216
Regional Development, 4371
Reports, 3272, 3275
Independence from religious faith, 575
Papers, tabling, 4230
Personal explanations, 2163
Points of order, 66, 138, 175, 249, 488, 615, 730, 735, 812, 813, 814, 826, 945, 965, 970, 1317, 1408, 1484, 1735, 1859, 2209, 2653, 2724, 2834, 3010, 3088, 3131, 3201, 3213, 3214, 3258, 3385, 3787, 3906, 4108, 4206, 4261, 4305
Sitting patterns, 271, 4410
Speaker, dissent from ruling, 3120
Standing order 213A, 3132
Standing orders 247 to 252, 4406
Standing order 248, 4395
Valedictory, 327, 4501
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 4180
Macarthur, horse paddocks fire, 1848q
Manuka Oval, major events, 505
Marriage, same-sex, High Court challenge, 3816q
Motor vehicles, electric vehicle concessions, 4510qn
Multiculturalism, fringe festival, 4204q
National Arboretum Canberra
Operating costs, 4531qn
Photography, 4530qn
Replantings, 1588qn
National Broadband Network
Rollout, 2184qn
Support, 1898qn
Notaras, Mr J, death, 2439
Parking, Manuka Oval, 505
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2235
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 4174
Calwell swimming pool, proposed, 3671, 4197q
Canberra, 1426
City to the lake, 1350q, 4509qn
Civic stadium, proposed, 4110q
Convention Centre, 3530
Cooyong Street area, 3272, 3275
Land banking, 3357q
New convention centre, 4007, 4024
Urban environment, 3509
Racing Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 349
Religion, church services, 575
Revenue Legislation (Tax Reform) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1832
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 279
Crash database, 618q, 993q
Dangerous driving, 960q
Majura Parkway, 2403q
Street signs, 2461qn
Duffy Primary School, 965q
Emergency plans, 3702q
Seniors, retirees, challenges, 3016
Budget allocations, 2289q
Tuggeranong facilities, 3599q
Superannuation, expenses, 1575qn
Duty deferral, 3240
Payroll tax, 2235, 2626q, 4174
Reform, 79q, 284q, 1832, 3139, 3452
Stamp duty, 1887qn
TEDxCanberra 2013, presentations, 4235
Tourism, government support, 181q
Trade, export awards, 4512qn
Light rail, 3011q, 3113q
Park and ride facilities, 1851q
Tuggeranong, dangerous driving, 960q
Tuggeranong Community Arts Association, operations, 3821q
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 3259q, 3329
Venue and Event Services, pilot initiatives, 2796qn
Murray-Darling basin, 2862q
Prices, 825q, 829q
Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 4099

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