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ACT public service

Annual reports, 1818
Executive staff, 652qn
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Executive remuneration, 2216q
Hospitality, 1347q, 1432q
Management, 1437q, 1480, 1939q, 2187q, 2397q
Managing director, 1346q, 1350q
Murrumbidgee augmentation project, 1355q
Alexander Maconochie Centre,
Capacity, 2291q
Needle and syringe program, 172q
Australian public service, job relocations, 1759, 1789
Cost of living statement, 2285q
Deficit, 164q
Rates, 2281q
Superannuation, 375q
Macarthur horse paddocks, 1847q
Management, 520
Calwell, planning, 2071
Canberra, centenary, 1941q
Canberra Hospital, emergency department, 950q
Canberra Stadium, redevelopment, 1883qn
Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate
Accommodation, 681qn
Energy usage, 673qn
Expenditure, 666qn, 668qn
Projects, 655qn
Staff, 654qn
Coe, Ms I, death, 19
Community Services Directorate
Accommodation, 682qn
Energy usage, 675qn
Expenditure, 669qn
Staff, 661qn
Companies, directors liability, 597
Cotter Dam, cost, 1629q, 1715q
Backlogs, 383q
Resident judges, 1694, 2317
Statistics, 293q
Tuggeranong, 2155q, 2463q
Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 927, detail, 1331
Directors Liability Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 597
Economic Development Directorate
Accommodation, 682qn
Energy usage, 674qn
Expenditure, 669qn
Staff, 659qn
Territory Venues and Events, 1884qn
Venue and Event Services, 1583qn, 1585qn
Cost of living, 120, 140, 147
Policies, 2308
Autism, 2397q
Tertiary, 1957
Education and Training Directorate
Accommodation, 684qn
Energy usage, 678qn
Expenditure, 671qn
Staff, 663qn
Emergency services, infrastructure, 2301q
Energy, electricity prices, 65q
Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate
Accommodation, 684qn
Energy usage, 677qn
Expenditure, 671qn
Staff, 663qn
Environment, carbon neutral fund, 657qn
Erindale, parking, 1737, 1745
Finance, government expenditure, 1315
Chief Minister, election, 5
Openness and accountability, 1648
Policies, 800
Bulk billing, 2028q
Work safety, 2002
Health Directorate
Accommodation, 681qn
Autism, 1403
Energy usage, 673qn
Expenditure, 667qn
Staff, 659qn
Work safety, 1620q
Hospitals, funding, 285q
Human rights, Official Visitor, 2193
Industrial relations, work safety, 82q
Justice and Community Safety Directorate
Accommodation, 683qn
Energy usage, 676qn
Expenditure, 670qn
Staff, 661qn
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 1), prin, 718
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 3), prin, 2201
Lake Tuggeranong
Pollution, 617q
Target area grant, 611q
Lanyon Valley, community facilities, 804, 851
Legislative Assembly
Establishment, 51, 58
Public Accounts, 592, 1315, 1830, 2134, 2362, 2384
Independence from religious faith, 578
Legislation, 2138, 2201
Points of order, 66, 75, 130, 219, 289, 301, 302, 303, 596, 793, 1362, 1393, 1483, 1757, 2308
Sitting pattern, 269
Speaker, election, 4
Standing orders
Amendments, 38
Suspension, 273, 276, 278
Valedictory, 338, 2351
Macarthur, horse paddocks fire, 1847q, 2464q
Manuka Oval, major events, 512
Municipal services, Fadden, 1536q
National Arboretum Canberra, insurance, 658qn
Official Visitor Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2193
Opposition, leader, 8
Parking, Manuka Oval, 512
Blue Gum School, 727q
Calwell, 956q, 2071
Political parties, agreements, 655qn, 656qn, 657qn
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 2432
Driving offences, 2432
Hindmarsh Drive, 1889qn
Network, 199
Parking, Erindale, 1737, 1745
Autism, 2397q
Blue Gum School, 727q, 1590q
Early intervention program, 484q
Non-government, 1722q
St Mary MacKillop College, 772
Seniors, retirement villages, 718
Smith Family VIEW clubs, activities, 2346
Ground maintenance, 1528q
Motor sport, 1585qn
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2139
Stromlo Forest Park, additional commercial options, 1885qn
Supreme Court (Appointment of Resident Judges) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1694, 2317
Taxation, reform, 283q
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
Accommodation, 685qn
Energy usage, 679qn
Expenditure, 672qn
Staff, 665qn
Waste, green bins, 83q
Water, prices, 726q, 826q

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