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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, apology, 550
ACT Emergency Services, stations, 3137q
ACT Liberals, complaints, 971q
Amaroo, planning, 1842q
Animal welfare, sales code, 3839q

CAT theatre awards, 904
Funding, 2213q
Australia Day, awards, 550
Australian public service, job relocations, 1762
Community sector, 2399q
Debate, 2249
Importance, 2289q
Priorities, 3042
Superannuation, 376q
Bushfires, preparedness, 2729q
Business, red tape reduction, 615q
Canberra, heritage festival, 2039q
Canberra centenary
Celebrations, 370q, 960q, 4214, 4427q
Trail, funding, 606q, 622q
Canberra Hospital
Data centre, 2870q
Emergency department, 951q
Abuse, 475q
Care and protection, 3135q
Child care places, 836q
Youth support and transition team, 2736q
Civic, talking CCTV cameras, 3503q
Construction industry, activity, 3491q
Backlogs, 385q
Youth justice, 4439q
Car tyre slashing, 3357q
Criminal assets, 1436q, 2635q
Statistics, 293q, 2158q, 3013q
Disabled persons
Children, 740q
Housing, 297q
Services, 1448q
Employment, 1840q
Global conditions, 2150q
Government support, 488q
Gungahlin, 3708q
Performance, 3595q
Skilled migration, 3126q
Canberra College cares program, 2296q
Curriculum, 3716q
Funding, 2037q
International students, 2619q
Policy, 85q
Study Canberra initiative, 3350q
Teachers, 1441q, 1540q
Emergency services
Infrastructure, 2301q
Staff, 550
Energy, renewable, 1731q
Conservation, 3366q
Emission reductions, 495q
Grants, 1634q
Strategic assessments, 2872q
Federal government, election, 3252q
Finance, federal budget, 2031q
Gambling, memorandum of understanding, 3832q
Chief Minister, portfolios, 305q
Community commitments, 629
Directorates, 85q
Policies, 3721
Priorities, 70q
Tendering arrangements, 2858q
Greening Australia, activities, 1792
Community facilities, 4289q
Planning, 3708q
Breast screening, 4287q
Cardiac survival rates, 2996q
End-of-life forum, 1844q, 2949, 2965
Food poisoning, 2025q
General practitioners, 725q, 3128q
Infrastructure, 3486q
Mental health, 2732q
Nurses and midwives, 1875
Organ donations, 905
Policy, 186q
Preventative measures, 227
Preventative task force, 603q
Weight action plan, 3819q
Work safety, 1620q, 1947q, 2019, 2045
Health Directorate, staff numbers, 3713q
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, 4419q
Emergency departments, 1446q
Affordability, 3634
Disabled persons, 297q
Land rent scheme, 4301q
Industrial relations, long service leave, 3257q
Insurance, third party, 3824q, 3712q
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 1), prin, 719
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 2101, 2385, 3078
Deputy Speaker, election, 12
Speaker, election, 4
Valedictory, 336, 4498
Motor vehicles, electric, 495q
Multicultural affairs, driving lessons, 1638q
National Multicultural Festival
Funding, 2294q
Success, 419
Office of Regulatory Services, breach of process complaint, 367q
Pacific Women's Parliamentary Partnership Forum, meeting, 419
Peters, Dr C AM, death, 1312
Amaroo, 1842q
Canberra, 1412, 1464
City plan, 3705q
City to the lake project, 1348q
Territory plan variation 306, 1930q
Ashley Drive, 833q
Safety, 2740q
Speed limits, 1848q
Traffic management, 3059
Royalla solar farm, project, 842q, 3612q
Canteens, 479q
Census, 1732q
Evatt Primary School, 1384
Franklin Early Childhood School, 618q
Hawker Primary School, 1384
Melba Copland Secondary School, 904
Neville Bonner Primary School, 618q
Priority placement system, 2154q
Taylor Primary School, 3369q
Vandalism, 1940q
Seniors, retirement villages, 719
Social welfare
Community services, 167q
Volunteers, 1934q, 2082
Sport, ground maintenance, 3749, 3759
Taxation, payroll tax, 2627q
Tobacco, sale to minors, 743q
Awards, 844q
Events, 4206q
Government support, 181q
Cycling and walking, 1353q
Light rail, 73q, 3498q
Uniting Care and St Margaret's Unity Church, Stepping Stones for Life program, 3064
Waste, green bins, 83q
Water, prices, 727q
West Belconnen Health Mr-Mr, successes, 244
Women, forum attendance, 4365
Women's Information and Referral Centre, closure, 3823q
Justice system, 4439q
Support, 2736q

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