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ACT Emergency Services Agency, management, 4435
ACTEW Corporation Ltd, Murrumbidgee augmentation project, 1354q
ACTION bus service, Weston Creek, 1544q
Alexander Maconochie Centre

Capacity, 3905q
Needle and syringe program, 171q
Planning, 1841q
Residential properties, 2045q
Anzac Day, commemoration, 1665
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 3151
Australia-Thailand Association, midwinter dinner, 3421
Bonner, supermarkets, 2402q, 2466q
Business, support, 1535q
Canberra Hospital
Bullying, alleged, 288q
Centenary, 1944q
Complaints, 1431q
Data centre, 2869q
Emergency categories, 3348q
Emergency department, 3589q
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
Facilities, 4418q
Maternity services, 215
After-school care, 2618q
Child care, 839q, 1937q
Neighbourhood playgrounds, 3207qn, 4306, 4314
Civic, talking CCTV cameras, 3503q
Community Services Directorate, outputs and savings, 4534qn
Car tyre slashing, 3356q, 3505q
Gungahlin, 3264q
Tyre slashing incidents, 4505qn
Disability services
Funding, 1940q
Respite care, 2869q
Disabled persons, services, 1447q
Drugs, rehabilitation, 742q
Economy, skilled migration, 3125q, 3551q
Education, funding, 2035q
Employment, policy, 955q
Energy, solar, 841q
Carbon pricing, 3251q
Emission reductions, 494q
Kingston, Green Square, 3664
Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, financial statements, 742q
Families, services, 1636q, 2188q
Directories, 84q
Executive contracts, 2993q, 3111q
Community facilities, 4291q
Town centre, 3207qn
Adult mental health unit, 3550q
Breast screening, 3899q, 3916q
Bulk billing, 2029q
Healthy weight action plan, 3996q, 4005q
Mental health unit, 2732q, 4188q
Services, 1726q
Health Directorate
Staff numbers, 3714q
Workplace injuries, 3603q
Hospitals, emergency departments, 380q, 458, 1446q
Insurance, third party, 3711q
Legislative Assembly
Independence from religious faith, 572
Members, Jones, Mr G, inaugural speech, 29, Seselja, Mr Z, 2442
Points of order, 1769, 3824
Valedictory, 332, 4488
Motor vehicles, electric, 494q
Diwali Mela festival, 3860
Fringe festival, 4203q
National Multicultural Festival, 176q, 380q, 418, 2293q
Municipal services
Street sweeping, 2159q
Yate Gardens, 957q, 972q
National Arboretum Canberra
Photography, 4115q
Success, 4114q
Parking, Telopea Park, 3000q
Amaroo, 1589q, 1841q, 2045q, 2727q, 3208q
Exempt development provisions, 3992q
Kingston, Green Square, 3664
Service stations, 2052, 2064, 4532qn
Urban environment, 3516
Religion, church services, 572
Mowing schedule, 3546qn
Shops, health and safety, 608q, 1590q, 3545qn
Christmas lights displays, 4293q, 4305q
Footpaths, 538
Hibberson Street and Hinder Street intersection, 3741, 3748
Horse Park Drive, 3545qn
Katherine Avenue and Horsepark Drive intersection, 4152qn
Roads, network, 196
Royalla solar farm, proposal, 841q
Autonomy, 2631q
Canteens, 479q
Priority placement system, 2153q
Supermarkets, Bonner, 2402q, 2466q
Thatcher, Baroness Margaret, death, 1505
Cycling and walking, 1354q
Light rail, 74q, 3498q, 3506q
Trees, Kingston Foreshore, 608q, 964q
Water, prices, 826q
Women's Information and Referral Centre, closure, 3822q, 3835q, 4157q, 4298q, 4445

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