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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, health, 2775
ACT Emergency Services Agency, stations, 3720q
ACT Liberals, complaints, 969q
ACT public service, wage negotiations, 2616q
ACTION bus service, network, 4437q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, capacity, 3906q
Animal welfare, sales code, 3838q
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3186, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3190

Ainslie and Gorman House arts centres, 4003q
Funding, 2215q
Support, 968q
Atlas of Living Australia, environmental encyclopedia, 424
Australia China Friendship Society, activities, 4237
Australian public service, job relocations, 1768
Bicycles, power assist pedalecs, 1613
Bosom Buddies, cancer support group, 425
Brindabella, community groups, 334
Concessions, 3003q
Debate, 2265, 2588
Health expenditure, 2287q
Lease variation charges, 2145q
Priorities, 3036
Savings, 2855q
ClubsACT awards, 1972
Export market, 3360q
Red tape, 613q, 1361q
Calwell, planning, 2077
Centenary, 1944q, 3762
Heritage festival, 2038q
Canberra Highland Gathering, event, 3860
Canberra Hospital
Adult mental health unit, 184q
Fundraising activities, 3903q
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, 4417q
Autism, 3292
Care and protection, 4297q
Early intervention, 4131
Chisholm Health Cooperative, opening, 3533
Civic, talking CCTV cameras, 3502q
Cotter Dam, completion, 3641
Industrial court, 4124q
Magistrates Court, 3883
Youth justice, 1858q, 4438q
Criminal assets, 2633q
Domestic violence, 113
Statistics, 292q, 2156q, 3012q
Defence, Vietnam veterans, 3423
Disability services
ACT government role, 3708q
Disability ACT, 3001q
Grants, 3913q
Respite care, 4295q
Disabled persons, respite care, 3363q
Diversity ACT, twilight fair, 1383
Exports, 4002q
Global conditions, 2152q
Government support, 486q
Performance, 3598q
Trade mission, 1538q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1879
Curriculum, 3715q
Funding, 1626q
Galilee School, 2675
Gifted students, 3501q
Literacy and numeracy, 3606q
Policy, 87q
Preschools, 3350q
Public system, 2147q
Student survey, 2044q
Study Canberra initiative, 3353q
Teachers, 1443q
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 733q
Emergency services
Infrastructure, 2299q
Resignations, 3706q
Policy, 287q
Public sector, 2978
Skills forecast, 2623q
Electricity prices, 1853q
Renewable, 1730q
Climate change, 4302q
Grants, 1633q
Landcare awards, 3298
Strategic assessments, 2870q
Families, services, 1638q
Federal government, election, 3255q
Gambling, memorandum of understanding, 3828q
Directorates, 304q
Executive contracts, 3482q
Minister for Education and Training, statements, 299q
Openness and accountability, 1663
Policies, 3689
Priorities, 68q
Services, 413
Tendering arrangements, 2860q
Autism, 1406, 3292
Budget commitments, 2287q
Bulk billing, 2029q
Cancer, 551
Cardiac survival rates, 2998q
Healthcare awards, 4361
Mental health, 170q, 1720q, 2731q, 2734q
Organ donations, 828q
Policy, 184q
Work safety, 1946q, 1998, 2050
Heritage, grants, 3914q
Hospitals, emergency departments, 1443q
Affordability, 3130q
Homelessness, 2657, 2667
Land rent scheme, 3495q
Industrial relations, long service leave, 4182
Information technology, research funding, 3330, 3382, 3389
Insurance, third-party, 2726q
Lanyon Valley, community facilities, 821
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 3767
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 1314, 1827, 2125, 2714, 3211, 3273, 3637
Public Accounts, 3767
Reports, 3273
Corbell, Ms S, leave of absence, 3767
Porter, Ms M, leave of absence, 3767
Points of order, 132, 249, 271, 813, 2308, 3213, 3834
Standing order 248, 4399
Standing orders, amendments, 4074
Valedictory, 4490
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 4182
Magistrates Court (Industrial Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3883
Marriage Equality Bill 2013, prin, 3575
May Day, celebrations, 1793
Multicultural affairs, driving lessons, 1641q
Multiculturalism, fringe festival, 4204q
National Arboretum Canberra
Opening, 429, 441
Success, 4112q
National Heart Foundation, activities, 3066
National Multicultural Festival
Government support, 175q
Success, 388q
Office of Regulatory Services, breach of process complaint, 365q
Calwell, 956q, 2077
Canberra, 1458
City plan, 1357q, 3964
Cooyong Street area, 3273, 3637
Kambah group centre, 1546q
Regional development, 604q
Territory plan variation 306, 1676
Tuggeranong, 4047
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1613
Ashley Drive, 832q
Footpaths, 538
Network, 197
Safety, 1827, 2738q, 3856
Speed cameras, 4196q
Speed limits, 1849q
Spofforth Street, 2864q
Royalla solar farm, project, 3609q
Autonomy, 2631q
Canteens, 3269q
Census, 1734q
Franklin Early Childhood School, 621q
Funding, 1626q
Neville Bonner Primary School, 621q
Non-government, 1723q
Swimming policy, 498q
Taylor Primary School, 377q, 3368q
Year 12 graduation, 4200q
Snakes Alive, exhibition, 644
Social welfare
Ainslie Village Blue Door, 2099
Human services blueprint, 4119q
Volunteers, 1936q
Community facilities, 1451q
Tuggeranong facilities, 3599q
Tuggeranong Valley Cricket Club, 902
Woden Little Athletics Club, 3938
St Vincent de Paul, activities, 2099
Taxation, reform, 79q
Tobacco, sale to minors, 745q
Events, 2625q, 4207q
Visitor numbers, 3261q
Cycling and walking, 1352q
Park and ride facilities, 1851q
Light rail, 4243, 4268
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 3259q
Murray-Darling basin, 2862q
Prices, 725q
Supply, 3641
White Ribbon, annual event, 113
Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service, anniversary, 2775
Woden Little Athletics Club, opening event, 3938
World Environment Day, importance, 2345
Yellow Van, food rescue service, 776
Justice system, 1858q, 4438q
Services, 1534q

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