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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, apology, 501
ACT Ambulance Service, cardiac monitors, 3817q, 3839q
ACT centenary, importance, 106
ACT public service

Annual reports, 2230
Bullying, 3928
Disability employment strategy, 2722q
Employees, 3544qn
Executive contracts, 1641, 2228
Executive staff, 652qn
Wage negotiations, 2614q
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Executive remuneration, 1627q, 1717q, 2216q
Hospitality, 1347q, 1433q
Management, 1436q, 1483, 1548q, 1636q, 1641q, 1939q, 2187q, 2396q
Managing director, 1345q, 1350q
Murrumbidgee augmentation project, 1354q
ACTION bus services, MyWay terminals, 343
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Capacity, 4355
Needle and syringe program, 171q
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (ACT Executive) 2851, (Auditor-General) 2853, (Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate) 2883, (Health Directorate) 2894
Auditor-General, audit findings, 472q
Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1805
Australian Capital Territory (Ministers) Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 4061, 4172
Australian public service, job relocations, 1771
Debate, 2262
Election promises, 2020q
Health expenditure, 2286q, 2301q
Centenary celebrations, 371q, 961q, mnst, 1797, 1941q, 1944q, 1948q, 2465q, 4220, 4427q
Skywhale, 2454qn, 2455qn, 2456qn, 2457qn, 2458qn, 2459qn
Canberra Hospital
Adult Mental Health Unit, 182q, 651qn
Bullying, alleged, 288q
Complaints, 1431q
Data centre, 2869q, 2992q, 3139q, 3549qn
Emergency categories, 3347q
Emergency department, 950q, 3588q
Emergency evacuation, 3985q
Extension, 3987q
Fundraising activities, 3901q
Mental Health Assessment Unit, 651qn
Operating theatres, 652qn
Capital Asset Development Plan, 649qn
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
Facilities, 294q
Maternity services, 209
Progress, 4191q, 4207q, 4416q, 4418q
Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate
Accommodation, 681qn
Energy usage, 673qn
Expenditure, 667qn
Outputs and savings, 4521qn
Staff, 654qn
Abuse, 475q
Neighbourhood playgrounds, 3207qn
Obesity, 2207q
Coe, Ms I, death, 17
Compensation, national disability scheme, 711
Cotter Dam, cost, 1437q, 1629q, 1715q, 2188q
Courts, Magistrates Court, 3885
Drugs, rehabilitation, 740q
Economy, policies, 2305
Autism, 2397q
Funding, 1624q, 1701, 2035q, 2040q, 2149q, 2209q
International students, 2619q
Policy, 729q
Students, accommodation needs, 974
Study Canberra initiative, 3351q
Tertiary, 1964
University of Canberra, 1643
Environment, Kingston, Green Square, 3662
Federal government, election, 3252q
Executive contracts, 1365
Federal government spending, 1986
Administrative arrangements, 3146
Chief Minister
Election, 4
Portfolios, 305q
Community commitments, 638
Directorates, 84q, 302q
Executive contracts, 2719q, 2721q, 2740q, 2993q, 3110q, 3143, 3367q, 3480q, 3504q, 3506, 3600q, 3841, 4111q, 4125, 4441, 4504qn, 4505qn
Infrastructure projects, 290q
Ministerial arrangements, 163, 1526q, 2207, 3816, 4061, 4172
Mobile phones, 4518qn
Openness and accountability, 1653
Policies, 784, 3591q, 3724
Priorities, 68q
Services, 407
Treasurer, mnc 2839
Adult mental health unit, 3550q
Aged care, 364q, 498q
Awards, 2444
Birthing centre, 492q
Breast screening, 3899q, 3916q, 4286q
Budget commitments, 2286q, 2301q
Bulk billing, 2028q
Bush healing farm, 2297q
Cardiac survival rates, 2996q
Chronic conditions, 2160q, 2463q
Elective surgery, 1588qn, 4334
End-of-life issues, 1842q, 2962
Financial arrangements, 41
Food safety, 2023q, 2796qn, 4198q
Fractures, 991qn
Funding, 1887qn
Gene technology, 1954
General practitioners, 723q, 1587qn, 3128q
Healthy weight action plan, 3818q, 3996q, 3999q, 4005q
Infrastructure, 3484q
Mental health, 165q, 169q, 1718q, 1912, 2601, 2730q, 2732q
Nurse-led walk-in centres, 2631q, 3550q
Nurses and midwives, 1872
Obesity, 2207q
Organ donations, 827q
Policy, 185q
Practitioner regulation, 308
Preventative task force, 601q, 622q
Promotion, grants, 177q
Renal patients, 992qn
Reusable bags, 4122q, 4537q
Secure mental health unit, 165q, 4187q
Services, 1727q
Subacute care, 1530q
Visiting medical officers, 2185qn
Work safety, 1618q, 2013
Health Directorate
Accommodation, 681qn
Accreditation, 116
Annual reports, 313
Energy usage, 673qn
Savings, 1886qn
Staff, 659qn, 3713q, 3840q
Workplace injuries, 3603q
Health (National Health Funding Pool and Administration) Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 41, 352, detail, 354
Birthing suites, 71q
Emergency departments, 380q, 447, 650qn, 1443q, 2640
Funding, 284q
Waiting lists, 309
Waiting times, 951q
Housing, students, 3354q
Human rights, Official Visitor, 2196
Information technology, research funding, 3370
Insurance, national disability scheme, 711
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 3), prin, 2203, detail, 2206
Lanyon Valley, community facilities, 849
Legislative Assembly
Commissioner for standards, proposed, 4079
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 974
Establishment, 2690
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 3275
Public Accounts (Seventh Assembly), 2165
Reports, 392, 3275
Standing, establishment, 53, 60
Deputy Speaker, election, 12
Independence from religious faith, 570
Language, "bullying", 1875
Legislation, 393, 2203, 2206, 2741
Code of conduct, 3781
Corbell, Mr S, leave of absence, 2193
Gallagher, Ms K, pronunciation of name, 407
Seselja, Mr Z, 2361
Officers, 3798, 3801, 3809
Papers, 13, 89, 91, 313, 390, 392, 1860, 2231, 2743, 2873, 3507, 3613, 3845, 4208
Personal explanations, 314
Points of order, 219
Regional Development, 921, 943
Size, review, 1799
Dissent from ruling, 3123
Election, 3
Standing order 248, 4400
Standing orders, suspension, 275
Suspension of standing and temporary orders, 2190
Valedictory, 339, 4485
Magistrates Court (Industrial Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3885
Marriage, same-sex, High Court challenge, 3816q
Marriage Equality Bill 2013, prin, 3565
Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2013, expd 1912
National Arboretum Canberra
Insurance, 658qn
Opening, 438
Operating costs, 4531qn
Photography, 4115q, 4530qn
Replantings, 1588qn
Success, 4112q
Officers of the Assembly Legislation Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3798,3801; detail, 3809
Official Visitor Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2196
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 4063
Peters, Dr C AM, death, 1307
Canberra, 1421
City plan, 1356q, 3703q, 3980
Cooyong Street area, 3275
Kambah Village Creek Centre, 2183qn
Kingston, Green Square, 3662
Regional development, 603q
Variation to territory plan No 182, 4159
Religion, church services, 570
Mowing schedule, 3546qn
Shops, health and safety, 3545qn
Horse Park Drive, 3545qn
Safety, 3848
Royal family, succession, 3917
Autism, 2397q
Funding, 1624q
Health care, 364q, 498q
Social welfare, volunteers, 1934q
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 3893, detail, 3897
Payroll tax, 4063
Reform, 283q
Transport, light rail, 3111q, 3909q, 4258
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 3324
Village Creek Centre, accessibility, 2806qn

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