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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 836q
ACT Burley Griffin Canoe Club, activities, 4493
ACT public service, bullying, 3924
ACTEW Corporation Ltd,

Hospitality, 1433q
Management, 1628q, 1636q
Water billing, 3904q
ACTTAB Ltd, alleged fraud, 1358q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, capacity, 2293q
Allan, Mr D, death, 3864
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Economic Development Directorate) 2903, (Education and Training Directorate) 3093, (Community Services Directorate) 3106, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3182
Lease variation charge, 735q
Sport expenditure, 2289q
Superannuation, 834q
Surplus, 2858q
Bushfires, preparedness, 3266q
Canberra, centenary, 1945q, 2465q
Canberra Friends of Dili, ceremony, 3645
Canberra Hospital, data centre, 2870q, 2992q
Canberra Institute of Technology, alleged bullying, 3770
After-school care, 2619q
Autism, 3288
Care and protection, 4193q, 4433
Child care, 1371, 1936q
Early intervention, 4137
Obesity, 2208q
Construction industry, complaints, 1900qn
Crime, car tyre slashing, 3357q
Dinosaurs Down Under, road show, 2672
Disability services
ACT government role, 3707q
Respite care, 3362q, 4295q
Disabled persons, services, 1438q
Duke of Edinburgh's awards, 3764
Cost of living, 145
Skilled migration, 3126q
Trade missions, 1933q, 2163q
Funding, 1696, 1735, 2040q, 2149q
Gifted students, 3501q
Indigenous students, 836q
Policy, 87q
Preschools, 3349q
Schools, Gonski review, 74q
Students with learning difficulties, 4090
Tertiary, 1967
Education and Training Directorate, outputs and savings, 4535qn, 4536qn
Conservation, 1449q
Kingston, Green Square, 3655, 3664
Ferguson, Sir Alex, tribute, 2097
Finance, federal budget, 2153q, 2162q
Poker machines, 3834q, 4108q
Regulation, 1621q
Directorates, 85q
Executive contracts, 2720q, 3600q, 4111q
Minister for Education and Training, statements, 298q
Overregulation, 4447
Services, 403
Hackett, birthday celebrations, 3426
Aged care, 364q
Autism, 1387, 1409, 3288
Health care access at school program, 2181qn
Healthy weight action plan, 3998q
Mental health unit, 2730q
Obesity, 2208q
Preventative task force, 602q
Promotion grants, 177q
Health Directorate, workplace injuries, 3603q
Hillier family, fundraiser, 330
Hospitals, emergency departments, 455
Housing, land rent scheme, 3495q
Human rights, Official Visitor, 2391
Information technology, research funding, 3335
Legislative Assembly
Anniversary, 1,000 sittings, 3205
Committees, Justice and Community Safety, 1314, 1903, 2104, 2190, 2811, 3211, 3554, 3879, 4167
Independence from religious faith, 573
Personal explanation, 3106
Staff service certificates, 2097
Valedictory, 330, 4493
Lu Rees Archives, children's literature, 4363
Majura Women's Group, activities, 421
Manuka Oval, major events, 462, 469, 513
Municipal services, Yate Gardens, 958q
National Multicultural Festival
Funding, 2294q
Services, 381q
National TAFE Day, celebration, 2445
Official Visitor Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2391
Papp, Dr E, recognition, 2673
Manuka Oval, 462, 469, 513
Telopea Park, 2999q
Blue Gum School, 728q
Civic stadium, proposed, 4110q
Exempt development provisions, 3990q
Giralang shops, 3901q, 4538q
Kingston, Green Square, 3655, 3664
Yarralumla, 1359q, 1453q
Religion, church services, 420, 573
Car sharing, 736q
Christmas lights displays, 4292q, 4305q, 4424q
Speed cameras, 3487q
Royal Canberra Show, importance, 774
Autonomy, 2630q
Canteens, 478q, 3270q
Capacity, 3116q, 3550q
Catholic choir festival, 3204
Catholic Schools Week, 905
Choices, 2780
Duffy Primary School, 966q
Early intervention program, 485q
Emergency plans, 3701q, 3721q
International Baccalaureate program, 3543qn
Non-government, 1723q
Priority placement system, 2154q
Registration requirements, 4194q
Taylor Primary School, 376q, 3370q
Vandalism, 1571qn
Volunteers, 1971
Health care, 364q
Retirees, challenges, 2983, 3020
Social welfare, volunteers, 1971
ACT Sport Hall of Fame, 3538
Budget allocations, 2289q
Canberra Cavalry baseball team, 4240
Community facilities, 1539q
Cricket, 1970
Ground hire fees, 888, 899
Ground maintenance, 1529q, 3752
Manuka Oval, major events, 462, 469, 513
School Sport Australia titles, 2941
Softball, 640
University of Canberra, sports hub, 4319
Velodrome closure, 1725q
Stalker, Ms M, death, 4054
Taxation, payroll tax, 2626q
Cycling, 1851q
Light rail, 2738q, 3112q
Trees, Kingston Foreshore, 607q, 622q, 963q, 995q
Tuggeranong Community Council, support, 4147
University of Canberra, autism centre, proposed, 3945, 3959
Murray-Darling basin, 2861q, 2995q
Prices, 830q
Women's Information and Referral Centre, closure, 3835q
Yellow Van, food rescue services, 1508

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