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ACT Ambulance Service

Cardiac monitors, 3817q, 3839q
Management, 4284q, 4289q
ACT Emergency Services Agency, stations, 3720q
ACT Liberals, complaints, 972q
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Dividend payments, 1633q
Executive remuneration, 1627q, 1716q
Hospitality, 1346q
Management, 831q, 1436q, 1548q
ACTION bus service
Bike racks, 701qn
Dead running, 4520qn
Enterprise agreement, 1578qn, 1844q
Fleet, 4423q
Network, 4437q
Patronage, 2283q, 3546qn, 3872qn
Weston Creek, 1545q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, recidivism rates, 4189q
Amaroo, planning, 1841q
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Economic Development Directorate) 2902, (Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate) 2929, (Capital Metro Agency) 2934, 3086, (Housing ACT) 3160, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3164, (ACT Public Cemeteries Authority) 3177
Belconnen Arts Centre, 4051
CAT theatre awards, 769
Public, 474q, 994q
Australia Day, awards, 549
Australian Institute of Architects, ACT chapter, 2782
Australian War Memorial, activities, 1877
Belconnen High School, navaratri celebrations, 3763
Berger, Commodore P, death, 115
Bicycles, power assist pedalecs, 1610
Bonner, supermarkets, 2402q
Lease variation charge, 68q, 2145q, 4515qn
Savings, 3904q
Business, supermarkets, 1931q
Canberra, centenary, 1950q, 2465q
Canberra Bonsai Society, activities, 2439
Canberra Hospital
Adult mental health unit, 182q
Emergency department, 3588q
Emergency evacuation, 3986q
Canberra Philatelic Society, congratulations, 241
Canberra Refugee Support, activities, 2671
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
Facilities, 294q
Maternity services, 203
Construction and Energy Efficiency Legislation Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2816
Construction industry
Activity, 3493q
Building approvals, 2031q
Cotter Dam, cost, 2800qn
Disability services, funding, 1940q
Disabled persons, services, 1448q
Domestic Animal Services, dogs, 991qn
Duo, respite care, 3862
Employment, 1839q
Exports, 4002q
Gungahlin, 3710q
Performance, 1725q
Trade mission, 1539q
Autism, 2398q
Canberra College cares program, 2297q
Christian Schools Australia, 1504
Funding, 2041q
Student survey, 2044q
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 481q, 732q
Emergency services, resignations, 3706q
Renewable, 2021q
Smart blocks, 3644
Engineers Australia, activities, 3425
Carbon pricing, 3249q
Climate change, 4304q
Emission reductions, 496q, 622q
Strategic assessments, 2872q
Urban trees, 4520qn
Fashfest, congratulations, 1663
Finance, federal budget, 2167
Gambling, poker machines, 4107q
Chief Minister, portfolios, 306q
Infrastructure projects, 290q
Ministerial and crossbench staff, 188q
Policies, 787
Executive contracts, 3367q, 3601q
Mobile phones, 4517qn, 4518qn
Treasurer, mnc 2836
Gungahlin, planning, 3710q
Havelock Housing Association, activities, 2344
General practitioners, 724q
Reusable bags, 4122q
Secure mental health unit, 166q
Health Directorate, staff numbers, 3713q, 3840q
Heath, Mr P, congratulations, 4491
Heavy Vehicle National Law (ACT) Bill 2013, prin, 4476
Heavy Vehicle National Law (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2013, prin, 4481
Heritage, grants, 3915q
Hospitality industry, awards, 1794
Birthing suites, 72q
Waiting times, 951q
Energy efficiency reports, 4151qn
Home ownership, 2322
Homelessness, 3994q
Social housing initiative, 4519qn
Industrial relations, bus drivers, 1844q
International affairs, Typhoon Yolanda, 4233
Keller, Ms T OAM, award, 4490
Kirk Family Foundation, trivia night, 2096
Lake Tuggeranong, pollution, 617q
Legal profession, Justices of the peace, 2176
Legislative Assembly
Establishment, 50, 61, 98
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 1829, 3274, 3638
Public Accounts, 2422
Reports, 3274
Evening sittings, 241
Independence from religious faith, 571
Italiano, Ms C, 3861
Members, Seselja, Mr Z, 2360
Points of order, 307, 367, 370, 378, 477, 485, 489, 707, 708, 792, 945, 1347, 1684, 1728, 1931, 2176, 1953, 2027, 2036, 2617, 2813, 3008, 3211, 3215, 3378, 3496, 3497, 3833, 4109, 4116, 4394, 4426
Questions, delays, 389
Questions on notice, delays, 1365, 1548
Sitting pattern, 267
Speaker, dissent from ruling, 3120
Standing orders
Amendments, 36
Suspension, 275, 1916
Suspension of standing and temporary orders, 2191
Valedictory, 336, 4490
Linke, Mr M, activities, 3941
Lions clubs, youth of the year, 3534
Motor vehicles, electric, 496q, 622q
Municipal services, street sweeping, 2159q, 2165q
MusicACT, awards, 426
National Heart Foundation, activities, 3063
Authorities, 2795qn
Fees, 368q
Meter revenue, 696qn
Spaces, 695qn
Ticket machines, 698qn
Amaroo, 1841q
Belconnen hotel, proposed, 3989q
Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1601
Canberra, 1416
City plan, 3705q
Cooyong Street area, 3274, 3638
Draft city plan, 3972
Giralang shops, 3900q
Land banking, 3358q
Policies, 3404
Public unleased land, 355, 362, 595
Regional development, 605q
Territory plan variation 306, 1688, 1693, 1931q
Yarralumla, 1360q
Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 3635
Planning and Development (Territory Plan Variations) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2394
Prisoners Aid (ACT), activities, 4145
Property Council ACT, awards, 2943
Public Unleased Land Bill 2012, prin, 355, detail, 362, 595
Religion, church services, 571
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1610
Accidents, 989qn
Bindubi Street, 1859
Christmas light displays, 4426q
Crash database, 618q, 993q
Funding, 686qn
Heavy vehicles, 4476, 4481
Majura Parkway, 2404q
Network, 189, 201
Remediation works, 4516qn
Repairs, 695qn
Safety, 1829, 2740q, 3208q, 3845
Speed cameras, 685qn, 3486q, 4155qn, 4196q, 4539q
Speed limits, 1850q
Spofforth Street, 2865q
Traffic management, 3046, 3061
Royalla solar farm, proposal, 842q
Burgmann Anglican School, 642
Evatt Primary School, 1565
Lake Ginninderra College, 902
Social welfare
Ronald McDonald House, 1975
Tour de Cure, donations, 1976
Volunteers, 2096
Sport, Western District Rugby Union Football Club, 3302
Supermarkets, Bonner, 2402q, 2810q
Team Jim Jam, fundraising, 2345
Territory and Municipal Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3813
Bicycle storage, 1721q, 1888qn, 2465q
Cycling, 1853q
Light rail, 72q, 540, 548, 1364q, 1367q, 1569qn, 2144q, 2186qn, 2616q, 2737q, 2855q, 3008q, 3111q, 3209q, 3499q, 3910q
Motorcycles, 2461qn
Park and ride facilities, 2465q
Trees, removal, 687qn
Waste, management, 247
Water, project costs, 3548qn
Youth, services, 1532q

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