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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 715
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Apology, 503
Elected body, 4144
Programs and initiatives, 2755
ACT Ambulance Service, performance, 610q
ACT public service, disability employment strategy, 2723q
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Executive remuneration, 1718q
Hospitality, 1348q
Management, 831q
ACTION bus service, patronage, 2285q
ACTTAB Ltd, alleged fraud, 1358q
Anzac Day, aged veterans, 1507
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Health Directorate) 2896, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 2896, (Education and Training Directorate) 3099, (Community Services Directorate) 3159, (Housing ACT) 3163, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3167
Ainslie and Gorman House arts centres, 4004q
Attendances, 2176
Australian National Capital Artists (ANCA), 1379
Capital Arts Patrons Organisation, 4367
Funding, 2441
Street Theatre, 3005q
Support, 968q
Australian public service, job relocations, 1746
Beekeeping, urban areas, 1952q
Belconnen Arts Centre, planning, 3862
Belconnen community health centre, opening, 4239
Branch Out Cafe, social enterprise, 903
Community sector, 2401q
Concessions, 3004q
Cost of living statement, 2286q
Debate, 2259
Health expenditure, 2288q
Importance, 2291q
Lease variation charge, 736q
Priorities, 3022, 3044
Savings, 3904q
Management, 482q, 515, 532
Preparation, 4420q
Business, support, 1535q
Canberra, centenary, 963q, 4222, 4429q
Canberra Centenary Trail, funding, 606q
Canberra Hospital
Extension, 3987q
Fundraising activities, 3901q
Canberra Symphony Orchestra, performances, 2176
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, progress, 4190q, 4207q
Abuse, 476q
Care and protection, 3132q, 4298q
Child care places, 839q
Education and child care, 1369
Youth support and transition team, 2734q
Coe, Ms I, death, 21
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, education efforts, 552
Construction industry, activity, 3494q
Courts, industrial court, 4124q
Crime, criminal assets, 1434q
Deniehy, Mr D, contributions, 3067
Disability services, funding, 2627q
Disability Services Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 938
Disabled persons, children, 737q
Drugs, rehabilitation, 742q
Exports, 1630q
Global conditions, 2151q
Gungahlin, 3710q
Performance, 1723q, 3597q
Canberra College cares program, 2295q
Funding, 2209q
International students, 2620q
Literacy and numeracy, 3606q
Policy, 731q
Schools [See below Schools]
Study Canberra initiative, 3352q
Teachers, 1442q, 1543q
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 481q
Employment, policy, 286q, 953q
Biodiversity, 3940
Carbon pricing, 3251q
Conservation, 3364q
Federal government, election, 3254q
Finance, federal budget, 2034q
Ginninderra electorate, community consultations, 333
Chief Minister, portfolios, 308q
Policies, 3591q, 3676, 3727, 3732
Community facilities, 4290q
Planning, 3710q
Birthing centre, 493q
Breast screening, 4286q
Budget commitments, 2288q
Cardiac survival rates, 2997q
Chronic conditions, 2160q
Drug use, 644
End-of-life forum, 1842q
Food poisoning, 2023q
General practitioners, 3129q
Infrastructure, 3484q
Mental health, 2733q
Nurses and midwives, 1864
Organ donations, 829q
Promotion, grants, 179q
Subacute care, 1529q
Weight action plan, 3818q
Work safety, 2018, 2942
Heritage, grants, 3916q
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, progress, 4190q, 4207q
Emergency departments, 2651
Home ownership, 2320, 2329
Land rent scheme, 3497q
Human rights, racism, 2777
Industrial relations, work safety, 82q
Information technology, research funding, 3345, 3387
Insurance, third party, 2726q, 3826q
Jennings Germans, craftsmen, 2349
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2013-2014, 2824
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 2102, 2124, 2713
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 2131, 3276, 3639
Public Accounts, 2363
Reports, 3276
Contractor, 2809qn, 3871qn
Points of order, 175, 965, 1527, 2271, 2279, 2306, 3011, 3095, 3118, 3274, 3384, 3497, 3831, 3908, 4205, 4344, 4394, 4397, 4431
Standing order 248, 4393, 4404
Valedictory, 333, 4495
Marriage Equality Bill 2013, prin, 3572
Marriage, same-sex, legal recognition, 2756
Importance, 1880
Malayalees community, 3643
Municipal services, Fadden, 1536q
NAIDOC Week, celebrations, 2669
National Arboretum Canberra, success, 4114
National Multicultural Festival, government support, 173q
Nyadbi, Ms L, art commission, 1971
Old Bus Depot Markets, anniversary, 775
Calwell swimming pool, proposed, 4198q
Canberra, 1454
City plan, 1357q, 3703q
City to the lake, 1350q
Civic stadium, proposed, 4111q
Cooyong Street area, 3276, 3639
Draft city plan, 3975
Christmas light displays, 4427q
Parking, Telopea Park, 3000q
Capacity, 3118q, 3124q
Census, 1733q
Duffy Primary School, 966q
Franklin Early Childhood School, 620q
Gonski review, 77q
Neville Bonner Primary School, 620q
Vandalism, 1938q
Social welfare
Human services blueprint, 4117q
Volunteers, 1935q
Community facilities, 1453q
Little Athletics, 2098
University of Canberra, sports hub, 4316, 4328
Supreme Court, workload, 3266q
Taxation, reform, 78q
Tobacco, sale to minors, 744q
Awards, 842q
Events, 2626q, 4207q
Bicycle storage, 1722q
Cycling, 1853q
Light rail, 1362q, 3112q, 4261
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 3489q
Water, Lower Molonglo, 3301
West Belconnen Health Co-op, successes, 115
White Ribbon Day, support, 3537
Woden Community Service, activities, 242
Domestic violence, 3537
Non-traditional trades, 2866q
Support, 2734q
Wills, 2942
YWCA, services, 1667

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