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ACT Ambulance Service

Culture, 4121q
Performance, 611q
ACT centenary, importance, 100
ACT Emergency Services Agency, stations, 3718q, 3761
ACTION bus service, network, 4435q
Animal welfare, sales code, 3836q
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, detail, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2924, Education and Training Directorate) 3099, (Community Services Directorate) 3152
Street Theatre, 3007q
Support, 966q
Australian public service, job relocations, 1764
Beekeeping, urban areas, 1951q
Belconnen, parking, 3533
Concessions, 3002q
Debate, 2238, 2268
Health expenditure, 2286q
Priorities, 3032
Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1603
Management, 484q
Preparedness, 3609q
Cafe Ink, Woden, 3299
Export market, 3359q
Children, education and child care, 1378
Heritage festival, 2040q
Canberra Hospital
Extension, 3989q
Fundraising activities, 3903q
Boundless Canberra playground, 3416
Care and protection, 3134q, 4295q
Early intervention, 4142
Youth support and transition team, 2736q
Cotter Dam, cost, 1716q
Backlogs, 385q
Criminal assets, 1435q
Industrial court, 4123q
Magistrates Court, 3884
Statistics, 2158q
Youth justice, 1856q, 4440q
Crime, statistics, 3014q
Disability services
Funding, 2629q
Grants, 3911q, 3916q
Disabled persons
Children, 739q
Housing, 296q
Belconnen dog park, 244
Family pets, 4492
Exports, 1631q, 4000q
Job creation, 978
Major events, 1554
Trade mission, 1537q
Curriculum, 3717q
Early childhood, 149, 162, 643
Funding, 1624q
Gifted students, 3499q
Literacy and numeracy, 3604q
Policy, 729q
Public system, 2146q, 2178
Student survey, 2041q
Students with learning difficulties, 4092
Policy, 955q
Youth, 1664
Energy, renewable, 1731q
Conservation, 3366q
Grants, 1635q
Greenhouse gas, 853, 870
Lakes and waterways, 316
Families, diversity, 4234
Government, policies, 3594q, 3694
Breast screening, 4287q
Chronic conditions, 2162q
End-of-life forum, 1843q
Food poisoning, 2024q
Infrastructure, 3485q
Mental health, 1718q, 2594, 2605
Organ donations, 827q
Subacute care, 1532q
Weight action plan, 3819q, 3997q
Work safety, 1948q, 2012
Holt, community carers, 3532
Hospitality industry, penalty rates, 3647
Hospitals, Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, progress, 4192q
Affordability, 3129q
Disabled persons, 296q
Industrial relations
Duntroon workers, 1973
Work safety, 80q
Information technology, research funding, 3343
Insurance, third-party, 2725q
International affairs, Turkey, 2348
Kangaroos, cull, 2404q
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Regional Development, 3216, 4371
Members, Berry, Ms Y, inaugural speech, 21
Points of order, 382, 4425
Valedictory, 4492
Magistrates Court (Industrial Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3884
Marriage, same-sex, legal recognition, 2766, 3573
Marriage Equality Bill 2013, prin, 3573
May Day, celebrations, 1791
Men, Melba men's shed, 3942
Multiculturalism, value, 1509
National Arboretum Canberra, photography, 4117q
National Book Week, celebration, 3065
National Multicultural Festival
Services, 381q
Success, 386q
Belconnen hotel, proposed, 3990q
Canberra, 1424
City plan, 1356q
Draft city plan, 3961, 4006
Kambah group centre, 1547q
Legislation, 1603
Public unleased land, 356
Regional development, 603q
West Belconnen, 2443
Public Unleased Land Bill 2012, prin, 356
Kambah Pool Road, 3127q
Parking, 767, 3533
Speed cameras, 4195q
Spofforth Street, 2863q
Traffic management, 3058
Active travel by students, 2667
Funding, 1624q
Hawker College, 425
Swimming policy, 496q
Vandalism, 1940q
Seniors, quality of life, 1381
Social welfare
Human services blueprint, 4118q
Volunteers, 2093
Belconnen skate park, 1881
Canberra Calvary baseball team, 554
Canberra Capitals women's basketball team, 906
Community facilities, 1450q
Skateboarding championships, 3865
Velodrome closure, 1726q
St Vincent de Paul, doorknock appeal, 773
Awards, 844q
Events, 2623q
Government support, 179q
Visitor numbers, 3260q
Transport, light rail, 1364q, 3115q, 4266
Anti-poverty forum, 4146
Christmas appeal, 4368
Walk Safely to School Day, benefits, 2099
Women, non-traditional trades, 2868q
Employment, 1664
Justice system, 1856q, 4440q
Support, 2736q

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