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ACT Emergency Services Agency, management, 4434q
ACTEW Corporation Ltd

Corporate intent, 4208
Dividend payments, 1632q
Executive remuneration, 1716q
Governance, 1831, 2386
Management, 831q, 1472, 1939q
Water billing, 3905q
ACTION bus service, patronage, 3547qn
Alleged fraud, 1358q, 1549q
Proposed sale, 4462, 4467
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014, prin, 2217, detail, (Superannuation Provision Account) 2887, (Territory Banking Account) 2888, (Economic Development Directorate) 2907, (Commerce and Works Directorate) 2913, (Community Service Directorate) 3152, (ACTEW Corporation) 3179, (Exhibition Park Corporation) 3193, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 3195, (Treasurer's Advance) 3197
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013 (No 2), prin, 557
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2013-2014, prin, 2228, 3202
Art, public, 474q, 994q
Australian Capital Tourism, pilot initiatives, 2799qn
Australian public service, job relocations, 1755, 1784
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 4390
Community sector, 2399q
Concessions, 3002q
Cost of living statement, 2285q
Debate, 2246
Deficit, 164q
Expenditure restraint, 877
Importance, 2290q
Lease variation charge, 67q, 734q, 1496, 1575qn, 2145q, 2460qn, 3874qn, 4516qn
Presentation, 2217
Priorities, 3033
Program allocations, 3876qn
Rates, 2280q
Review, 623, 2142, 2576
Savings, 2854q, 3904q, 4508qn
Sport expenditure, 2289q
Superannuation, 374q, 834q
Surplus, 2858q
Buy local campaign, 1897qn
Development strategy, 2797qn, 3227
Export market, 3359q
National Broadband Network, 1898qn
Red tape reduction, 613q, 1360q, 1891qn, 2716, 2794qn
Supermarkets, 1596, 1931q
Support, 1535q, 1549q
Canberra Centenary Trail, funding, 605q, 622q
Canberra Stadium, redevelopment, 1883qn
Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate
Accommodation, 681qn
Expenditure, 668qn
Projects, 655qn
Outputs and savings, 4522qn
Child care, Teddy Bears Childcare Centre, 2452qn
Commerce and Works Directorate, outputs and savings, 4522qn
Community Services Directorate
Accommodation, 682qn
Energy usage, 675qn
Expenditure, 670qn
Staff, 661qn
Construction industry
Activity, 3491q
Building approvals, 2030q
Support, 2025q
Cotter Dam, cost, 2801qn
Denman Prospect, sale, 4503qn
Duties (Duty Deferral) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2677, 3242
Economic Development Directorate
Accommodation, 682qn
Energy usage, 674qn
Expenditure, 669qn
Organisational chart, 2785qn
Outputs and savings, 4526qn
Staff, 659qn
Territory Venues and Events, 1884qn
Tourism, Events and Sport Division, 1576qn
Venue and Event Services, 1583qn, 1585qn
Cost of living, 124,140. 2335
Employment, 1838q
Exports, 1630q, 4001q
Global conditions, 2150q
Government support, 486q, 2276
Gungahlin, 3709q
Job creation, 986
Performance, 1560, 1723q, 3595q
Skilled migration, 3125q, 3551q
Trade missions, 1537q, 1903, 1932q, 2163q
Education, exports, 2462qn
Election Commitments Costing Act 2012, review, 3918
Feed-in tariff, 480q, 732q
Emergency services, levy, 4119q
Policy, 286q, 953q
Public sector, 2971
Skilled migration, 1891qn, 1895qn, 1897qn
Skills forecast, 2622q
Families, diversity, 4390
Federal budget, 2032q, 2153q, 2162q, 2170
Government expenditure, 92, 315, 397, 557, 623, 975, 976, 1366, 1644, 1861, 1915, 1918, 1955, 2424, 2744, 2873, 3279, 3614, 4209
Investments, 1567qn
Financial Management Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 251, 600
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2364, 3203
Business portal, 1893qn
Chief Minister, election, 4
Late payments, 4523qn
Mobile phones, 4517qn
Overregulation, 4452
Policies, 91, 3685
Tendering arrangements, 2858q
Treasurer, mnc 2832
Community facilities, 4289q
Planning, 3709q
Town centre, 3207qn
Health, work safety, 2015
Health Directorate, expenditure, 667qn
Affordability, 3129q, 3626
First home owner grants, 2364, 3202
Home ownership, 2327
Homelessness, 2665
Land rent scheme, 2423, 3495q, 3526, 3529, 4300q, 4525qn
Information technology, research funding, 3340, 3375
Insurance, third party, 44, 280, 2725q, 3711q, 3824q
Justice and Community Safety Legislation (Red Tape Reduction No 1—Licence Periods) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 2716
Land, rent scheme, 3876qn
Land Rent Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 3070, 3526, detail, 3529
Legislative Assembly
ACT Supermarket Competition Policy, 1596
Climate Change, Environment and Water, 2748
Estimates 2013-2014, 918, 2422, 2811, 3202
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 1315
Privileges, 4223
Public Accounts, 976, 1523
"Hypocrites", 1751
"Why don't you kill someone blowing up a hospital", 130
Members, Corbell, Mr S, leave of absence, 119
Papers, 92, 96, 622, 1366, 1861, 3613, 3614, 4209, 4223
Personal explanations, 2164
Points of order, 489, 2211, 3383, 3831
Subordinate legislation, 1860
Manuka Oval, major events, 508
Marriage, same-sex marriage, 4390
Marriage Equality Bill 2013, prin, 3568
National Broadband Network
Rollout, 2184qn
Support, 1898qn
National ICT Australia, support, 2179
Parking, Manuka Oval, 508
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2013 (No 2), prin, 4178
Peters, Dr C AM, death, 1313
Calwell swimming pool, proposed, 4197q, 4208q
Canberra, 1427
Chisholm, 17
City to the lake, 1348q, 4510qn
Civic stadium, proposed, 4110q
Dickson group centre, 1927
Draft city plan, 3977
Land banking, 3358q
New convention centre, 4012
Policies, 3414
Territory plan variation No 311, 1927
Weston Creek, 4160
Political parties, agreements, 655qn
Public service, executive contracts, 89
Revenue Legislation (Tax Reform) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 1513, 1835
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 44, 280
Roads, Majura Parkway, 2403q
Seniors, retirees, challenges, 2990
Social welfare
Community services, 167q
Volunteers, 2091
Human services blueprint, 4117q
Budget allocations, 2289q
Community facilities, 1450q, 1539q
Ground hire fees, 893
Ground maintenance, 1528q, 3754
Motor sport, 1585qn
Tuggeranong facilities, 3599q, 3612q
University of Canberra, sports hub, 4322, 4327
Velodrome closure, 1725q
Stromlo Forest Park, additional commercial options, 1885qn
Superannuation, expenses, 1575qn
Duty deferral, 2677, 3242
Payroll tax, 2626q, 4178
Reform, 78q, 1513, 1835, 3139, 4127, 3450
Stamp duty, 1887qn
Awards, 843q
Events, 2623q, 4206q
Government support, 179q
Visitor numbers, 3260q
Trade, export awards, 4512qn
Transport, light rail, 3113q
Venue and Event Services, pilot initiatives, 2797qn
Prices, 725q, 825q, 826q, 829q
Project costs, 3548qn
Weston Creek, petrol stations, 4160

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