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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 7 Hansard (7 June) . . Page.. 2978..

(6) The Canberra Liberals 'Green Bins for Canberra' policy of 20 September 2008 was the basis for Treasury's 2008 election commitment costing. The reasonableness of the costing contained in the Liberal policy was assessed by Treasury in conjunction with the relevant agencies.

The Canberra Liberal's estimated green bin collection and processing cost of $11.4 million over three years, and the composting plant cost of $38.8 million were assessed as being reasonable estimates. Treasury, however, estimated a capital cost of $7.8 million for the bins themselves (at $60 per household for 130,000 households) which was slightly lower than the $9 million contained in the Canberra Liberal's policy. The Treasury estimates also included an additional $5 million in recurrent costs for depreciation and maintenance that were not apparent in the Liberal costing. The Treasury costing released on 17 October 2008 is identified below for reference.

Green Bins 2008-09

$m 2009-10

$m 2010-11

$m 2011-12

$m Total

$m Recurrent 0 1.050 7.626 7.676 16.352 Capital 0 46.600 0 0 46.600

(7) The Government accepts the expert advice provided by Hyder regarding technical and cost assumptions in the scenarios. However, the cost and effectiveness values for the education scenario were provided by ACT NOWaste.

(8) The Hyder reported noted on page iv of the Executive Summary that "the Education scenario will require major changes to community behaviour and will impact on convenience as high participation rates are required to successfully achieve the nominated targets". To partially address this risk, Hyder conducted sensitivity analysis around the education scenario performance assumptions.

The Territory has since commissioned Associate Professor David Pearson of the University of Canberra to review food waste education programs in other jurisdictions. A/Prof Pearson will make recommendations on probable costs and effectiveness of waste education options in the ACT context.

(9) The education scenario, referred to at page 52 of the Hyder 2011 report, has not been finalised.

(10) Hyder was selected through an competitive tender process on the basis of their expertise, demonstrated experience, and value for money. Ron Wainberg of Hyder Consulting has consented to the release of their resumes which are attached.

(11) See response for question (3).

Environment—community gardens (Question No 2293)

Ms Le Couteur asked the Minister for Community Services, upon notice, on 2 May 2012:

(1) Can the Minister provide a full list of the number of community gardens that the Community Services Directorate has funded on Housing ACT sites in the last (a) 12 months and (b) five years.

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