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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 7 Hansard (7 June) . . Page.. 2971..

(3) Not applicable.

(4) Given the urgent need to enter into a new contract, EDD sought the advice of Procurement Solutions with regard to this matter. Procurement Solutions advised that single select for an interim contract with a fixed term of 13 months was appropriate in this circumstance.

* 2011.17017.320 - Fyshwick Intersection Upgrade - Stage 2, Ipswich/Newcastle Street Intersection

(1) Under the Public Sector Management Act 1994, Division 3.5, a Chief Executive Officer has the power of delegation to approve single select procurement. The LDA CEO agreed to the single select based on the following:

Awarding the Stage 2 works to Huon was considered the best value for money given the time constraints, risk management, availability of site amenities and the price submitted by Huon to complete the work. Huon had completed part of the Stage 2 works as early works to relocate essential services for the Industrial Estate. The quality of the work completed in the Industrial Estate by Huon was assessed as very good, thereby minimizing the risk of reworks. The early completion of Stage 2 was critical to the unheeded sale of the land on the Fyshwick Industrial Estate creating a second access to the Estate, and easing the traffic congestion at the intersection of Gladstone and Newcastle Streets.

Completion of the southern section of the Estate was based on Operational Acceptance being achieved July 2011 for the area around the stage 2 road works. It was therefore critical that the stage 2 road works were completed to allow the southern section of the Estate to reach Operational Acceptance.

Huon Management was on site completing the Estate works and the intersections works at the Gladstone and Ipswich Streets intersection. Huon's price to complete Stage 2 was considered competitive as they had recently gone through a competitive tender process for the Industrial Estate project and the relevant rates used for the Stage 2 works were the same. The site for Stage 2 was very constrained which meant if a second contractor was awarded, this work there would have been a premium paid, and possible damage to the works already completed. Calling tenders for Stage 2 would have delayed the contract award by over two months while tenders were called and evaluated.

(2) The procurement principles have been addressed in the statements above.

(3) The CEO at the time had the delegation to exempt this requirement based on the principle of best value for money.

(4) Due to the time constraints and managing the risks of the project, the Chief Executive Officer approved exemption as indicated in Procurement Policy Circular PC25: Select and Single Select Procurement.

* 2010.14338.925 - National Arboretum Reflective Pavilion Design Consultancy

(1) The National Arboretum Reflective Pavilion is a building to be constructed on the Events Terrace to a unique design, and which has to be fully integrated with other site works in progress. The work was needed urgently to prepare concept and sketch

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