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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 7 Hansard (7 June) . . Page.. 2969..

shopping centres, since the amendments were passed, how many qualifying ACT retailers are compliant with the trolley legislation in regards to providing (a) identification and contact details on trolleys for the retailer, and the trolley hotline and (b) details of trolley precincts in the store.

(2) How many are not compliant.

(3) In the period since the amendments to the Act were passed, (a) how many warnings have been given to qualifying retailers for non-compliance with the legislation, (b) how many fines have been levied on qualifying retailers for non-compliance with the legislation, (c) on how many occasions has a collection day notice been issued, (d) how many trolleys have been moved to retention areas, and of these how many have been collected by the retailer, (e) how many warnings have been issued to individuals, (f) how many fines have been levied on individuals, (g) how many calls have been made to the Shopping trolley hotline with information about shopping trolleys left outside the shopping precinct and (h) what monitoring has been done on the number of trolleys left outside the shopping precinct.

Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Section 24C of the Act specifies 'definitions'. The relevant sections are section 24E (Notice about taking etc shopping trolley outside of shopping centre precinct) and section 24F (Identification of ownership of shopping trolleys).

a) 5

b) 72.

(2) One

(3) (a) One warning issued.

(b) None.

(c) None.

(d) Nine identified trolleys have been impounded. None have been collected by the retailer. A further 14 unidentified trolleys were impounded by City rangers and sent for recycling.

(e) City rangers have issued one written direction and two verbal warnings. All directions were complied with.

(f) None.

(g) 319 reports of trolleys were received by City rangers. 179 of these were referred by Canberra Connect.

(h) City rangers conduct proactive patrols in known trolley abandonment 'hotspots'. The targeting of these patrols is directed by the level of complaints received from the public and advice from government employees.

Government—procurement exemptions (Question No 2284)

Ms Le Couteur asked the Minister for Economic Development, upon notice, on 2 May 2012:

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