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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 7 Hansard (6 June) . . Page.. 2690..

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Sit down. There is no new standard. All members should be heard in silence when they speak, Mr Seselja, and it is not true that no-one has interjected. Mr Hanson interjected twice directly across the chamber. If you want to check the Hansard later, you can see it, I am sure, if it was recorded on Hansard. Twice I said "Mr Hanson"quite loudly, to let him know that I had heard his interjection across the chamber; Mr Doszpot, more quietly, but certainly he interjected. He was not having a conversation with anybody; he was directing his remarks across the chamber. Obviously you are having your conversations, quite loudly, with each other, and that is not the way you should behave, speaking across the chamber when someone has got the call. It is most impolite and not respectful at all. People have conversations, but they should be kept to a minimum and kept at a level where other people can actually hear the person speaking. We should be able to hear that person speak. I am sorry to tell you that interjections were continuing, Mr Seselja, and the next person that interjects I will warn.

MS GALLAGHER: Thank you, Madam Deputy Speaker. In Mr Hanson's speech he accused me of being responsible for the data changes at the emergency department in Canberra Hospital. I note that that is not an allegation that he has made outside the chamber. He also accuses me of nepotism. He used the word "nepotism". As everyone knows, nepotism is defined as showing favouritism to a relative regardless of any merit. Again, Mr Hanson, I would challenge you to say that outside and show any evidence you have for that. What you said is serious. You said that I was responsible for that and that there was nepotism involved—

Mr Smyth: That is ridiculous.

MS GALLAGHER: Mr Smyth, I am not sure if you were here, but that is what was said, and he has not said it outside the chamber. So what he needs to do is repeat, outside, the speech he has given in here and see what happens, because that is totally unfair.

Have all the fun you would like with this issue, Mr Hanson—have all the fun you would like—but go outside and make those claims that you have just made in here. They are cowardly claims. They are claims that will never be backed up by any evidence.

Mr Seselja: Point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker. We know the Chief Minister is particularly sensitive at the moment and she is lashing out, but the term "cowardly"should be withdrawn. She does complain a lot. She has been complaining a lot about the attacks on her. Maybe she should actually stick to the parliamentary standards and withdraw that.

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mr Seselja, I did not hear Ms Gallagher call—

Opposition members interjecting—

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Excuse me. Do you mind if I respond? Stop the clock. I did not actually hear Ms Gallagher say that the person was cowardly. I heard

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