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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 6 Hansard (10 May) . . Page.. 2525..

Legislative Assembly—members' staff timesheets (Question No 2213)

Mr Coe asked the Attorney-General, upon notice, on 29 March 2012:

(1) In relation to page 5 of the Auditor-General's Administration of employment issues for staff of Members of the Legislative Assembly performance audit report which noted that "Negative balances in TOIL were also noted on some final timesheets, although there was no provision for a negative TOIL balance. The overpayments may not have been recovered", which staff had negative toil.

(2) Was it staff who worked on the 2008 Australian Labor Party (ALP) campaign.

(3) What was the extent of the overpayment.

(4) Was the current president of the ALP one of the staff involved.

(5) Was the overpayment recovered.

Mr Corbell: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Auditor-General's report does not specify whether this finding related to records held by the Assembly Secretariat (for non-Executive staff) or Shared Services (for Executive staff). In this context I am unable to confirm which staff had a negative TOIL balance. In any case, under the provisions of the Privacy Act, personal information about any staff member cannot be disclosed.

(2) In accordance with standard employment conditions, ministerial staff working on the 2008 election campaign did so on their own time.

(3) I am advised that it is standard practice for Shared Services to adjust final payouts in instances where a negative balance is recorded on a final timesheet. Given this practice, there is no basis to consider that overpayments were made.

(4) See response to question (1)

(5) See response to question (3)

Broadcasting—media monitoring costs (Question No 2214)

Mr Coe asked the Chief Minister, upon notice, on 29 March 2012:

(1) How many radio files for recordings of news items and/or interviews from either (a) 2CC radio or (b) ABC 666 radio have been ordered by each ACT Government directorate and each Minister's office from media monitors by month for (i) 2010, (ii) 2011 and (iii) to date.

(2) What was the total cost for each of the recordings referred to in part (1).

(3) Who approved the expenditure referred to in part (2).

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