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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 6 Hansard (10 May) . . Page.. 2486..

(3) Can the Minister provide data on the number of ACTION buses that are unable to stop at every stop on a route due to the bus being full for (a) the total ACTION network, (b) blue rapid routes and (c) red rapid routes, per (i) day, (ii) week or (iii) month.

(4) What is the Government doing to address peak hour capacity issues on (a) blue rapid routes, (b) red rapid routes and (c) other routes with identified capacity issues.

(5) What is the number of articulated buses currently used by ACTION and what percentage of the fleet is articulated buses.

(6) Can the Minister provide the data, referred to in part (5), for each year from 2008 to 2012.

(7) What is the Government's position on increasing the number of articulated buses operating on routes with identified capacity problems, such as the blue rapid route.

(8) What is the Government's position on increasing the percentage of articulated buses in the fleet to help deal with capacity issues.

Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Feedback and observation has identified peak hour capacity issues on:

a) Some morning peak Blue Rapids from Tuggeranong to the City and from Belconnen to the City as well as some afternoon Blue Rapids from the City heading both north and south, and

b) Red Rapid morning peak services from Gungahlin Marketplace to the City.

(2) Feedback and observation has identified capacity issues on other services such as routes 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 18, 19, 39 and 59.

(3) Data on the number of buses that are unable to stop at every stop has not been recorded. ACTION is however putting in place a system to capture this information; this will involve the driver advising the ACTION communications centre whenever a bus has a full standing load and has had to miss a stop, or a number of stops.

(4) Where raised, capacity issues are investigated on a case by case basis. If the outcome of the investigation finds that a service is regularly overcrowded, TAMS makes changes such as higher capacity buses where possible to alleviate the problem.

Additional services on the Blue and Red Rapid routes identified in (1) and also the routes identified in (2) as having capacity issues, have been factored into the new Network 12, to be implemented shortly.

(5) ACTION currently has 33 articulated buses representing 7.7% of the in-service fleet.

(6) In 2008 - 33 articulated buses represented 8.7% of the in-service fleet

In 2009 - 33 articulated buses represented 8.4% of the in-service fleet

In 2010 - 33 articulated buses represented 7.9% of the in-service fleet

In 2011 - 33 articulated buses represented 7.7% of the in-service fleet

(7) Where a route is identified as having ongoing capacity issues, TAMS considers scheduling articulated buses or Scania Steer Tags, where resources permit, and where the roads on the route can accommodate large capacity buses.


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