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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 5 Hansard (3 May) . . Page.. 2050..

(d) Parking fees collected:

Financial Year Parking Fees Collected (City) 2007-2008 $ 6,710,687.45 2008-2009 $ 6,325,330.60 2009-2010 $ 6,840,784.23 2010-2011 $ 6,494,618.15 2011-2012 to 29/2/12 $ 4,374,634.58

(e) Parking fines issued:

Financial Year Amount in parking fines issued (City)* 2007-2008 $ 2,691,748.00 2008-2009 $ 3,127,337.00 2009-2010 $ 2,767,451.00 2010-2011 $ 3,898,770.00 2011-2012 to 29/2/12 $ 2,169,972.00 *Please Note, the above fine information is the amount in fines issued around the City from the Pinforce system. There may be some fines that have not been paid, or have been withdrawn after a dispute. The Office of Regulatory Services cannot break down the exact amount of fine payments received by area only total of Canberra.

(2) Privately owned and managed parking facilities in the City for public use include the following, together with details of numbers of parking spaces and an indication of the daily and other fees are set out in Attachment B. Many of these facilities operate as multi-stay car parks, and details of the fees can be obtained from their web sites.

(3) There are none at present, although studies have been undertaken on the use of the land in the Commonwealth Ave western loops between Vernon Circle and London Circuit and London Circuit and Parkes Way for temporary parking if additional spaces are needed.

(4) (a) There are no such initiatives in place, other than the provision in the Parking and Vehicular Access General Code which allows a developer not to provide any parking for residential developments or residential visitors in CZ1 - Commercial Core Zones - in the City. To date, no developer has provided less than the standard provision for residential land uses required elsewhere across Canberra. (The 'standard' provision requirements are one parking space for each 1-bedroom unit, two spaces for each 2-bedroom unit and two spaces for each unit with three or more bedrooms. There is a provision which allows an average of 1.5 parking spaces per 2-bedroom unit, provided at least one parking space, and not more than parking spaces, is allocated to each 2-bedroom unit.)

(b) There were none.

(5) This is not something which can be answered definitively for the particular periods to which the question relates, from 2007 to the present. However, in terms of the journey-to-work, we know from the 2006 Census that approximately 57% of people who worked in the City and who travelled to work on Census day did so by car as the driver. Another 14% did so by car as passenger. Approximately 18% did so by bus, 6% walked only, 3% cycled and 2% did so by motor cycle or scooter.

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