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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 5 Hansard (2 May) . . Page.. 1806..

MS GALLAGHER: As I said, I think the systems are robust. They are in line with other jurisdictions. I explained this yesterday. The information that I have been presented with is that, after a validation process was implemented and signed off, in the window between that data leaving the hospital and entering the Health Directorate's information area, data was changed.

Health have already, as I understand it, implemented changes around that period of time. My understanding is that there was a period of time after validation where this opportunity has arisen, where data could be changed. That has been closed off. There were reasons why there was an opportunity there. That was largely around—

Mr Hanson: Was it changed in the process?

MS GALLAGHER: You had this explained this to you, as I understand it, in the briefing, that there was an opportunity after that data had been validated and that opportunity was where this data manipulation appears to have occurred.

There is an investigation underway. We need to let that happen. My advice is that there were reasons around that. They related to weekend and public holidays. But obviously there needs to be further tightening up on that and that work has already been done. Any recommendations that come out of that will be pursued further as well.


MS HUNTER: My question is to the Minister for Education and Training and relates to the recent Council of Australian Governments meeting. Minister, the national partnership agreement on skills reform outlines significant changes to the vocational education and training system that include national training entitlement and income contingent loans for diploma and advanced diploma study. Minister, what will the ACT government do to ensure the continued success of the Canberra Institute of Technology in an increasingly commercially competitive environment?

DR BOURKE: I thank the member for her question. This COAG announcement of $28 million for VET reform in the ACT is certainly very welcome news. I am glad that we are positioning the CIT to be able to take its part in the delivery of this extra vocational education and training in the ACT. I note that one of the key objectives is to increase the number of Canberrans with post-secondary qualifications, which 20 per cent of Canberrans do not have. This will be one of the targets.

Another target will be to increase the access for people with disabilities. A third target is to increase the participation of Indigenous Australians in vocational education. The fourth target, as I understand it, will be to focus on skill shortages, particularly in the traditional trades and apprenticeships where we have particular skill shortages. These are areas of strength for the CIT so I expect CIT will be working hard in delivering as part of this—

Ms Hunter: Mr Speaker, on a point of order.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Ms Hunter.

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