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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 5 Hansard (1 May) . . Page.. 1691..

MS GALLAGHER: I look at all the information that is provided to me in its various formats, the briefs that are provided to me. There is an element of trust, as I do not sit there and work through the spreadsheets, that the information that is being provided is correct. Health performance data is second to clinical standards. I think everybody understands that clinical standards, clinical safety, patient treatment, patient care is the first priority of any health system, but data comes a very close second, I would say. Having data that is correct and having those processes around it that ensure it is correct is a priority for all health systems.

There are a number of processes to go through to make sure that data is correct and checked. In this instance some of those processes have failed and we need to work out what they are. It is appropriate that those investigations occur. But in terms of ministerial responsibility and in terms of the leadership that I have tried to show—and I accept that you do not agree with my views about my own conduct—what I have tried to do since this issue has been brought to my attention is to not only support the work of the Health Directorate but do everything I can to make sure that this is investigated thoroughly and the situation does not occur again.

MR HANSON: Supplementary, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Mr Hanson.

MR HANSON: Minister, have you ever questioned data that has been presented to you?

MS GALLAGHER: I think the answer to that would have to be yes, but I am presented with—

Mr Smyth: Can't remember.

MS GALLAGHER: Thank you, Mr Smyth, as usual: "Can't remember."The answer to that would be yes. It would be done in a number of different ways, whether it be annotations on briefs or discussions with the directorate directly. But I am talking broadly there about health performance data and the different reporting authorities within that.

We have data that comes from the AIHW, we have data that comes from the commonwealth, we have data that comes from Calvary, we have data that comes from Health. But, yes, as health minister over the past six years there would have been numerous, and possibly frequent, times that I have questioned and sought further advice on data that has been presented to me.

Youth justice—blueprint

MS HUNTER: My question is to the Minister for Community Services and relates to the youth justice advisory panel and the Blueprint for Youth Justice. Minister, a motion in the Legislative Assembly on 7 December 2011 established a specialist advisory panel, to advise the government on the development of the Blueprint for Youth Justice and its implementation. In your letter to me dated 27 March, you stated

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