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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 4 Hansard (29 March) . . Page.. 1635..

(3) How many of these printed information sheets were (a) produced and (b) distributed.

a) Produced

i. English Flyer - 167,000 (150,000 for household distribution)

ii. Traditional Chinese Flyer - 5,000

iii. Modern Chinese Flyer - 6,000

iv. English Poster - 2,000

v. Traditional Chinese Poster - 250

vi. Modern Chinese Poster - 250

b) Distributed3

i. English Flyer - 145,000 (133,000 through household distribution)

ii. Traditional Chinese Flyer - 3,000

iii. Modern Chinese Flyer - 3,000

iv. English Poster - 500

v. Traditional Chinese Poster - 100

vi. Modern Chinese Poster - 100

(4) A distribution company was engaged to deliver flyers to Canberra Households.

Posters were mailed to management of the airport, train station and bus station, and shopping centre managements with a letter from the Chief Health Officer requesting they be displayed.

The posters and flyers are being distributed through places of worship with the assistance of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum.

The poster and flyer was distributed at the National Multicultural Festival, in both English and Chinese, by volunteers arranged by the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Posters and flyers were hand delivered by Health Directorate staff to the tertiary institutes to be included in their orientation programs, to be made available in the residences, student centres and medical centres.

Posters and flyers were internally mailed to the Visitor Information Centre and to the Live in Canberra campaign office.

Posters were internally mailed to the Health Directorate Health Centres and Public Hospitals and sent through regular mail to the private hospitals.


1 This amount is based on quotations received. Invoices have not yet been received for all work undertaken

2 As above

3 These are approximate amounts, and some distribution is still ongoing, with further requests from stakeholders are being received for additional materials. Left over materials will be provided to key locations and stakeholders in future years, i.e. Universities, Multicultural Forum, Visitors Centre.

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