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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 3 Hansard (20 March) . . Page.. 907..

Answers to questions on notice

Question No 2009

MR SMYTH: On a final matter, under standing order 118A there are a number of outstanding questions. The answer to question No 2009 to the Treasurer about federal funding for Canberra Stadium or Manuka Oval is overdue.

MR BARR: I signed that question yesterday, Mr Speaker. It should be in the system for Mr Smyth.

MR SMYTH: Why is it late?

MR BARR: Yesterday was within the time frame, in fact, for the lodgement of the answer to that question.

MR SMYTH: On 16 March it expired.

MR BARR: A weekend just got in the way, Mr Speaker. I apologise. I signed the answer yesterday. It should be with the member.

Question No 2012

MR SMYTH: Mr Speaker, also question No 2012 to the Chief Minister about the public service workforce profile is unanswered at this time.

MS GALLAGHER: That arrived on my desk yesterday and I have asked a further question before I finalise the answer. As Mr Smyth would be aware, I am very keen to ensure that all answers are correct. I had a question about the answer that was provided and I am seeking further information. My advice is that it will be ready for signing off this afternoon.

Question No 2026

MR SMYTH: Mr Speaker, question No 2026 also to the Chief Minister about the number of senior executives in the service is unanswered.

MS GALLAGHER: Yes, that came to me yesterday too. I asked for some formatting changes to be made to the answer. I am advised that it also will be done in time for this afternoon. I apologise for any delay.

I have also got questions Nos 2029 and 1995. No 1995 related to the Ombudsman. There was clarification I wanted on the answer and we have to consult with the Ombudsman's office. That may take a little time—not too long—but I do not believe I can do that this afternoon.

There were, I think from Ms Le Couteur, questions relating to TAMS. They were quite extensive questions around volumes of waste. I have got a very detailed answer. Again, I had some specific questions in relation to that. It should be finalised in the next day or so. I apologise for any delay.

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