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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 3 Hansard (22 March) . . Page.. 1207..

(d) residential $35,113,726,637; commercial $3,714,844,773; rural $51,930,625. (e) residential $38,840,364,092; commercial $3,735,737,774; rural $54,398,292.

Live in Canberra program (Question No 2011)

Mr Smyth asked the Minister for Economic Development, upon notice, on 15 February 2012:

(1) How many people have come to live in the ACT as a result of the ACT Government's Live in Canberra program in each of the past five calendar years.

(2) If people have come to the ACT from outside Australia as a result of the Live in Canberra program, what countries have they come from.

(3) What skills have people, who have come to live in the ACT as a result of the Live in Canberra program, brought to the ACT.

(4) How many people have been sponsored by the ACT Government to come to the ACT from another country but have been unable to obtain a visa to work in Australia.

(5) If people have been unable to obtain a visa, what have been the reasons for visas being refused.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Live In Canberra Program works at two levels. First, it provides marketing and settlement support alongside the ACT Skilled and Business Migration Program (SBMP). Second, it promotes Canberra to domestic audiences through various established skills attraction events.

It is not possible to say definitely how many people have moved to Canberra as a result of the Program's activities. However, since the SBMP and Live In Canberra programs have been in operation, 1941 skilled migrants (and their 3244 dependents) have migrated to Canberra from overseas. Year by year data is shown in Figure A.

Further, since 2007 net interstate migration to the ACT has resulted in a positive increase of 1,800 people.

Figure A Actual ACT arrivals from ACTG sponsored visa grants ACT Employer sponsored skilled workers (ACTG vetting) TOTAL Skilled Migrants working in ACT TOTAL Dependents arrived in the ACT 2007 30 111 141 355 2008 125 196 321 432 2009 306 155 461 729 2010 195 200 395 678 2011 330 293 623 1050

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