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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 3 Hansard (22 March) . . Page.. 1196..

(15) The cost of a new lyric theatre would depend on many factors, including its design and scale.

(16) It would mean larger national and international shows could be staged at the Canberra Theatre Centre, generating a higher volume of patron traffic and would bring a wider range of performing arts to Canberra.

A new lyric theatre would mean the existing Canberra Theatre could be used primarily for one-night hires, community and town hall type uses.

(17) Consequential costs cannot be estimated at this stage.

(18) Visitation trend to CMAG has been upwards in the past few years.

(19) The CFC is seeking to continue this trend in future years and is implementing initiatives to maximise visitation on an ongoing basis.

(20) The regular opening hours at the three historic sites remained unchanged during 2010-11. The sites were, however closed at certain times as a result to undertake conservation works and due to the impact of adverse weather conditions, as specified on page 19 of the CFC's 2010-11 Annual Report.

(21) It is not possible to identify visitation trends accurately at Lanyon and Mugga Mugga in recent years due to: a change in visitor counting methodology at Lanyon during 2009-10; and site closures for an extended period in 2010-11 resulting from adverse weather conditions. Visitation at Calthorpes' House has trended slightly upwards since 2008-09.

(22) The CFC will seek to maximise visitation at these sites in the future, subject to conservation considerations relating to the fragility of parts of the sites, especially the interiors of Calthorpes' House and Mugga Mugga.

(23) In 2010-11, the CFC implemented a 0.5% efficiency dividend ($38,000). The CFC also made savings to address the impact of EBA and CPI increases. The CFC achieved these targets and recorded an operating result for the year that was slightly better than budget. This outcome was assisted by higher than budgeted donations. Further details are at page 211 of the CFC's 2010-11 Annual Report.

(24) Yes.

(25) The total cost of staff training and professional development of $36,518 is 0.6% of employee expenses. The CFC also accesses staff training and professional development opportunities that have no direct cost.

(26) The CFC does not set a specific target for this.

(27) Not applicable.

(28) At 30 June 2011, ten invoices from four vendors were recorded as overdue by 30 days or more. Of these, five invoices totalling $40,534 (97.5% of those overdue by more than 30 days) were on hold pending the outcome of disputed costs. All five invoices related to payments to other areas of the ACT Government Service. The remaining five invoices totalling $1,005 were delayed due to late receipt and/or processing.

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