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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 3 Hansard (21 March) . . Page.. 1014..

Mr Hanson: Does this set a new precedent in this place—you will wait till the answer?

MR SPEAKER: I am not waiting for the answer. I am inviting the member to reframe the question. Ms Porter, you have the floor.

MS PORTER: I ask the minister: how did the Canberra Festival fare at the recent national tourism awards?

MR BARR: It is a pleasure to be able to answer the question. I am very pleased to advise members of the Assembly that the Canberra Festival—

Mr Smyth: On a point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: One moment, Mr Barr. Stop the clocks, thank you.

Mr Smyth: You have given Ms Porter latitude to rework the question so that it relates to the original question. The reworked supplementary was how did we fare at the recent national tourism awards.

MR BARR: At the Canberra festivals.

Mr Smyth: But the Canberra festivals were not the subject of the original question.

MR BARR: Yes, that was the subject of the first question.

Mr Hargreaves: Mr Speaker, if I can assist and re-read the original question, I said in the original question, "Could the minister update the Assembly on the recent success of the Canberra Festival program?"The success of the Canberra Festival program may in fact be part of the tourism award results.

MR SPEAKER: If it assists members of the opposition, I acknowledge that I probably expressed myself a little clumsily at the start when I tried to deal with that point of order. But it is quite clear that I have the power to invite Ms Porter to reframe the question. I have asked her to do that, and her supplementary question is clearly in order and clearly relates to the original question. Minister, you have the floor to proceed with your answer.

MR BARR: Thank you, Mr Speaker. There is actually some good news for our city and for the people who work very hard to deliver outstanding festivals and events. That was in fact recognised in the national tourism awards. The ACT and region was represented by 14 finalists across 27 categories.

Our signature festival, Floriade 2010, won the national award in the major festivals and events category. That is a fantastic result for Floriade and something that all members, I would hope, would be supportive of and would welcome the fact that there has been national acknowledgement of the hard work of the team associated with the delivery of Floriade that their 2010 event, the 23rd staging of the springtime

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