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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 1 Hansard (16 February) . . Page.. 413..

landfill had dramatically increased. Because recycling data is only obtained once per year in July / August, it was not available at that time and so there was no data to show that recycling had also dramatically increased. In the absence of 2010-11 data, TAMS prepares projections based on previous years' data. Actual recycling in 2010-11 far outstripped actual recycling in all previous years. The Estimated Outcome therefore underestimated the percentage of material recovered from the total waste stream.

Refer also to the response for Question on Notice 1902.

(b) The 'Actual Result' figure increased because recycling data obtained from the industry survey showed an unexpected and dramatic increase in recycling, from around 605,000 tonnes in 2009-10 to around 807,000 tonnes in 2010-11. This offset the expected increase in waste to landfill, which was around 229,000 tonnes in 2009-10 and 268,000 2010-11.

The increase in recycling was driven by additional green garden waste and building waste recycling.

Refer also to the response for Question on Notice 1902.

(c) This is due to the timing of the two papers: the Budget is released in May whereas the Annual Report is usually released in September. Waste data is collected on an ongoing basis and current data feeds in to both the Budget and the Annual Report. Recycling data is obtained once each year at the end of the financial year, typically in July / August. This means that the Budget is based on current waste data only and the Annual Report is based on current waste and recycling data. As such, TAMS did not have the recycling data when preparing the Budget; therefore, it did not identify factors that had contributed to increased recycling, but did have this data when preparing the Annual Report.

ACTEW and ActewAGL—vehicle fleets (Question No 1922)

Mr Seselja asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 16 November 2011 (redirected to the Acting Treasurer):

(1) How many road-registered motor vehicles are owned or leased by ACTEW and ActewAGL.

(2) How many of the vehicles were home garaged by ACTEW and ActewAGL employees, as at 1 October 2011.

(3) What conditions pertain to home garaging of vehicles by ACTEW and ActewAGL employees.

(4) How many of the vehicles were home garaged (a) outside the ACT, (b) more than 10 km outside the ACT and (c) more than 20 km outside the ACT.

(5) How many vehicles garaged outside the ACT are allocated to persons for call out in times of emergency.

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