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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2012 Week 1 Hansard (15 February) . . Page.. 274..

Psychogios, Heather Millard, Kim McKay and Kimberley Pollock and we wish them all well as they travel to Germany.

It will be very good for them. They are going for a week's training and the reason they are going for a week's training is that they have never played on ice before. So for the Australian women's team it will be quite an interesting event. They have got a week's training where they will actually practise on ice and then there are about two weeks of competition.

It is the first time, as I said, that we have had a women's team. We have had men's teams go overseas before but we have only sent off female individuals in the past. So, on behalf of the people of Canberra and the people of Australia: well done to the Australian women's icestock sports team. It promises, I am sure, to be a thrilling event and I look forward to reporting in the future on their progress. Well done to Chrysanthe, Heather, Kim and Kimberley.


MR HARGREAVES (Brindabella) (9.13): I need only five minutes. I was not going to rise to the bait of the challenges that those opposite were firing at me as I listened to the television upstairs but I thought what I would do in the adjournment debate was come down and tell you why it was, Mr Speaker, that I did not rise to the bait then—because I was treating the motion and those speakers with the contempt that they were due.

Mr Smyth interjecting—

MR HARGREAVES: I will say something about Mr Smyth. We have been combatants and foes across the field for a decade and a half. I will pay respect to Mr Smyth: he has been a very good advocate for our electorate; I will say that. The shame of it all, however, Mr Speaker, is that he does go to that old persons club called the Tuggeranong Community Council; he sees both of the punters that go to that and then claims to have some sort of community connection with this geriatric mob who just sit in their place—both of them. It is just nothing but a self-help group, Mr Speaker. I would not feed them. I resigned from that lot. I will not go there, because they are a self-interest group and I would not touch them with a barge pole. I want the record to show that I would not touch that crowd with a barge pole, because they are nothing but the lackeys of Mr Smyth and his cronies and I do not want to know them.

Mr Speaker, let me go to another thing while I am here and on my feet. I would like to tell you how amazed I was that Mr Doszpot would have the temerity to even mention my name in a debate when it is he who is running furiously away from the very electorate he purports to represent. He was given the faith of the electorate for four years. What has he done? He has put his tail between his legs, he has put his head under his armpit and he has scarpered off to Molonglo, because he was banished. Why was he banished? He was banished by the Leader of the Opposition, who has finally worked out where he lives. He finally worked out that he lives—where? In Macarthur, overlooking the horse paddocks that he is trying to protect, stoking up those people up there to ban such things as data centres and all the rest of it—all

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