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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 14 Hansard (6 December) . . Page.. 5731..

alert at ESA headquarters or an alternative location. In this instance—that is, the Mitchell chemical fire—it was deemed appropriate, given the need for urgent provision of timely advice, that the campaign be initiated using the remote access device from the operator's place of residence.

All operating arrangements for the use of emergency alert have been reviewed by the ESA as a result of the issues arising from the Mitchell chemical fire. This is an appropriate after-action review common amongst all emergency services. The ESA maintains a number of duty officer arrangements to provide a range of different functions in the event of emergencies or incidents.


Mr Corbell presented the following papers:

Subordinate legislation (including explanatory statements unless otherwise stated)

Legislation Act, pursuant to section 64—

Animal Diseases Act—

Animal Diseases (Endemic Diseases) Declaration 2011 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-297 (LR, 17 November 2011).

Animal Diseases (Exotic Diseases) Declaration 2011 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-296 (LR, 17 November 2011).

Canberra Institute of Technology Act—Canberra Institute of Technology (Advisory Council) Appointment 2011 (No 8)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-298 (LR, 24 November 2011).

Civil Law (Wrongs) Act—

Civil Law (Wrongs) Law Society of South Australia Scheme 2011 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-293 (LR, 10 November 2011).

Civil Law (Wrongs) Professional Standards Council Appointment 2011 (No 3)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-285 (LR, 27 October 2011).

Civil Law (Wrongs) Professional Standards Council Appointment 2011 (No 4)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-289 (LR, 3 November 2011).

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act—Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Climate Change Council) Appointment 2011 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-288 (LR, 28 October 2011).

Court Procedures Act—Court Procedures Amendment Rules 2011 (No 3)—Subordinate Law SL2011-33 (without explanatory statement) (LR, 24 November 2011).

Domestic Violence Agencies Act—Domestic Violence Agencies (Council) Appointment 2011 (No 1)—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-292 (LR, 7 November 2011).

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Act—Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (Regulated Water and Sewerage Services) Terms of Reference Determination 2011—Disallowable Instrument DI2011-287 (LR, 27 October 2011).

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