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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 10 Hansard (22 September) . . Page.. 4429..

Health—funding (Question No 1711)

Mr Hanson asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 16 August 2011:

(1) What is the purpose of the Health Funding Envelope.

(2) Are new expenditure initiatives that meet growing demands for health care funded by this Health Funding Envelope.

(3) How are the forward estimates of the Health Funding Envelope determined.

(4) What was the reason for the 2011-12 funding decreasing from $20.6 million in the 2010-11 Budget to $16.3 million in the 2011-12 Budget.

(5) Is the Health Funding Envelope included in the line item payment for government options in the income statement, page 240 Budget Paper 4, for the years 2010-11 to 2014-15; if not, where is this funding reported.

(6) What indexation rate is applied to the overall health budget each year.

Ms Gallagher: I am advised that the answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The purpose of the Health Funding Envelope is to provide certainty for indexation and growth funding to the Health Directorate in the budget and outyears.

(2) The Funding Envelope is intended to fund indexation and growth for existing services.

(3) The Health Forward Estimate was based on the estimated cost in 2005-06 adjusted for assumed annual indexation and growth in activity across the forward years. Each year a new 'outyear' is added and indexed consistent with Government Policy. Other adjustments occur including, for material variation to superannuation rates, insurance increases due to actuarial assessment, new initiatives determined by Government, variation to Commonwealth funded programs, impact of actual results driven by higher than budgeted activity or price and efficiency targets set by Government.

(4) The funding to the Health Directorate did not decrease.

(5) Yes, the Health Funding Envelope is received as 'Government Payments for Outputs' on the Operating Statement (Income Statement).

(6) Indexation allowed for by the Health Directorate is consistent with that provided to other Directorates.

Health—mental (Question No 1712)

Mr Hanson asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 16 August 2011:

(1) In relation to Federal funding provided for Additional Medical Workforce Positions under the National Action Plan on Mental Health 2006-2011, what is the total amount received by the ACT Government under this initiative to date.

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