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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 10 Hansard (21 September) . . Page.. 4188..

Everybody wins when the bus comes on time. It means fewer cars on the road and that means less cost to commuters. Those are the choices that we have got but it seems that those opposite are now advocating that public transport costs too much. I look forward to seeing their policies that they will take to the next election about cutting funding for public transport.

MS BRESNAN: A supplementary.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Ms Bresnan.

MS BRESNAN: Minister, when will work begin on the Calwell park and ride and will that also include secure bike storage?

MR CORBELL: I thank Ms Bresnan for the question. The Calwell park and ride facilities are in relation to car parking, so allowing people to park and catch public transport. So they are not bike and ride facilities. I would need to get some further advice as to whether it is considered to include bike and ride as part of that proposal.

Ms Gallagher: I ask that all further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Rostered ministers question time

Minister for the Arts

Arts—Loxton review

MR HARGREAVES: Minister, could you please outline the ACT government's response to the Loxton review of the arts, please?

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, could I ask your direction as to whether this is an announcement of government policy? Has this been announced hitherto?

Mr Hargreaves: On the point of order, Mr Speaker, I have asked a question about the government's response to a review in the same way I could ask a question about the government's response to a committee report. It is asked in the same way.

Mrs Dunne: On the point of order, any time the government announces a response it is potentially the announcement of new policy. I am asking for your direction as to whether this has previously been announced and, therefore, whether Mr Hargreaves is asking for announcement of new policy. I presume that the same rules for questions apply.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, they do.

Mr Corbell: On the point of order, Mr Speaker, the prohibition is on the announcement of new policy in response to questions. It will be up to you to determine, Mr Speaker, based on what Minister Burch says, as to whether or not there is an announcement of policy. I think you should allow Ms Burch to answer the question and then you will be able to determine for yourself whether or not there is an announcement of new policy or simply a reiteration and an explanation of policy already announced.

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