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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 5 Hansard (5 May) . . Page.. 2000..

(2) From 1 July 2012 the Federal Government will assume full funding and program responsibility for basic community care services currently provided under the HACC program for people 65 years and over (50 years and over for Indigenous Australians) and the ACT Government will assume full funding and program responsibility for basic community care services currently provided under the HACC program for people under 65 years (under 50 years for Indigenous Australians).

(3) Funding figures for the age and disability split are still being considered by the Heads of Treasury. Funding for 2011-12 in the transition year, has been based on a notional funding split between the ACT and the Commonwealth. The full amount of HACC funding will be available in this transition year. The funding split from 1 July 2012 is currently under review and will be determined by costing all HACC services by age. When this review has been completed, the funding will be reviewed for 2012-13 budgets. The ACT will fund HACC services for all clients under the age of 65 years and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under 50 years of age.

(4) The Department of Health and Ageing is working closely with States and Territories to ensure a seamless transition for all HACC clients. All existing HACC service providers will continue to deliver services to their clients under the current funding agreements with ACT Health. No change is anticipated in the transition year. The Commonwealth has also assured service providers that services will not substantially change prior to 2015.

Housing ACT—energy efficiency program (Question No 1616)

Ms Bresnan asked the Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services, upon notice, on 7 April 2011:

(1) In relation to Housing ACT properties and energy efficiency and questions on notice Nos 442 and 1586, did the Minister state in the answer to question on notice No 442 that Housing ACT has an action plan to roll out its energy efficiency program which will see all properties be more energy efficient by 2016-17; if so, what key goals and targets, other than more energy efficient, does Housing ACT have for its properties as a result of this program.

(2) Is there any aim to have a minimum star rating for all properties; if so, what is that aim.

(3) Can the Minister provide data which outlines the nature of improvements that have been undertaken under this program for each house since its commencement, and the expected improvements in efficiency ratings that were gained by those improvements, if known.

Ms Burch: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The key goals of the program are:

* to achieve a reduction in the energy use and energy costs for public housing tenants while maintaining acceptably comfortable living conditions;

* to achieve an increase in thermal comfort for public housing tenants with little or no increase in greenhouse emissions or electricity and gas costs; and


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