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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 4 Hansard (7 April) . . Page.. 1657..

You also asked " the government looking at other jurisdictions where such impact analysis tools are used and seeing whether we could adapt their tools for the ACT's purposes?"

Development of the triple bottom line assessment framework is being informed by a national and international review of relevant approaches.

Thank you for asking about this important matter.

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—youth workers

Ms BURCH (in reply to questions by Mr Coe and Mrs Dunne on Wednesday, 16 February 2011): During Question Time on 16 February 2011, Mr Coe MLA asked me, as the Minister for Children and Young People a question in relation to a speech I made in the Assembly on 8 December 2010 which referred to nine youth detention workers being recruited to Bimberi.

The nine youth detention workers commenced duties at Bimberi during the week beginning Monday 13 December 2010. Of these nine youth detention workers, eight are still employed at Bimberi with one choosing to return to his previous employment in the community for personal reasons.

Also during Question Time on 16 February 2011, Mrs Dunne MLA asked me, as the Minister for Children and Young People a question in relation to how many other youth workers have been recruited since the beginning of December 2010. I advised Mrs Dunne that I would bring back the number of youth workers who began their employment in December 2010, January and February 2011.

By the end of March 2011, a further 12 new youth detention workers were operational.

Transport—greenhouse gas emissions

Mr STANHOPE (in reply to a question by Ms Bresnan on Wednesday, 30 March 2011): You asked, "are your current targets for modal shift in transport specifically tailored to the 40 per cent emissions reductions target? If not, on what basis have modal shift targets been developed?"

The ACT's transport mode shift targets were set in the 2004 Sustainable Transport Plan (STP), while the emissions reduction targets were adopted in late 2010.

The public transport targets were developed based on modelling in the Public Transport Futures Feasibility Study (2003), which showed that transitway developments connecting the city to each town centre had the potential to increase public transport to 16% of work trips by 2026. The cycling and walking targets were developed based on trip lengths, housing density and behavioural choice curves (i.e. the distance people are likely to travel by each mode) as illustrated in figure 13 on page 13 of the STP.

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