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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 4 Hansard (7 April) . . Page.. 1645..

Star Rating Number of Properties 4.5 118 5.0 189 5.5 45 6.0 105 6.5 10 7.0 11

(6) The energy efficiency rating of dwellings in the ACT is assessed according to the Nationwide Housing Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). Apart from requiring energy ratings to be provided upon sale/purchase of a dwelling, there is no mechanism requiring landlords with properties with no (including unknown) energy rating to have an energy rating undertaken. Work to improve the energy efficiency of public housing is based upon the criteria set out in 4) above.

Drugs—cannabis (Question No 1588)

Ms Bresnan asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 10 March 2011:

(1) In relation to the 2005 report circulated by the then Minister for Health entitled Report on the Medicinal Use of Cannabis and the five options discussed on page 26 that "may be considered to allow improved access to cannabis and/or cannabis derivatives for medicinal use in the ACT", has ACT Health conducted any further analysis of those five options since 2005; if so, what is that work and what are its conclusions

(2) Is ACT Health aware of any other new options that have arisen since 2005 that warrant inclusion onto the list of options for consideration; if so, what are those new options and what factors should be taken into account when considering them.

(3) Is ACT Health aware of the emerging new option of topical application of a non-psychoactive cannabis extract as a means of combating skin cancer; if so, has ACT Health performed any work in determining what factors should be taken into account when considering it as an option and what are those factors.

Ms Gallagher: I am advised that the answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Options available to the ACT for 'improving the value of cannabis for medicinal use in the ACT' were canvassed in the Legislative Assembly in October 2005 by the then Minister for Health, Mr Simon Corbell (Hansard, 18 October 2005, pp. 3771-3773). The five options were:

1. Improving access to nabilone by providing specific funding to appropriate persons. This option was dismissed on advice that other drugs more effective than nabilone had become available.

2. To participate in a NSW trial of cannabis if it were to occur. The trial did not occur.

3. The ACT to move to exempt cannabis use from prosecution. This option was not supported.


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