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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 4 Hansard (5 April) . . Page.. 1342..

Translating these figures into estimates of visitor numbers, around 6,000 visitors came to Canberra with the festival as a main factor or one of several other factors, and included an average nights stay of 2.5 nights. An additional 600 people, visiting the ACT for other purposes, extended their stay for the festival. In other words, around 7,000 additional tourists were attracted to visit or extend their stay because of the festival.

Spectators for whom the festival was a main factor in their decision to come to Canberra spent an average of $150 per person. Those for whom the festival was one of several factors in their decision to visit spent, on average, $170. For visitors who came to Canberra with the festival as the main factor in their decision to visit, total expenditure is estimated at $589,000. For visitors who came to Canberra with the festival as the main reason, it is $900,000. Mr Speaker, it was a great success. The challenges are repeating that success and managing the ever-increasing numbers that come through to the festival.

MR COE: A supplementary, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Mr Coe.

MR COE: Minister, if there was a boycott of Israel in the ACT, as proposed by the New South Wales branch of the Greens, would that prevent any Israeli or Jewish group from participating in the Multicultural Festival?

Mr Hargreaves: On a point of order, Mr Speaker, that is hypothetical.

Mr Seselja: On the point of order, Mr Speaker, the question was a very broad one about multiculturalism and I think it is quite legitimate for the question to be asked.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Seselja, I do not think the question is whether it is relevant as a supplementary question. I think Mr Hargreaves is suggesting it is a breach of the standing order against hypothetical questions.

MRS DUNNE: A supplementary question, Mr Speaker. Minister, are you aware of any impact that a ban on Jewish products and Jewish cultural activities would have on the Multicultural Festival?

MS BURCH: I cannot speak for other parties in other states, but here in the ACT we are an inclusive community and welcome a broad range of participation in the festival.

Mr Stanhope: I ask that further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Supplementary answers to questions without notice

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—complaints

MS BURCH: During question time last Thursday, there was reference in a question from Mr Seselja to an incident around bruising to the neck. I made comment that it

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