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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 3 Hansard (30 March) . . Page.. 1057..

MRS DUNNE: A supplementary question, Mr Speaker. Minister, will you now listen to the concerns of Bimberi workers about their safety or will you continue to cover your ears and say, "La, la, la, I don't want to know"?

MS BURCH: I always have the safety of staff to the forefront of my mind; I also have the safety and wellbeing of the young people there. I will say that I admire the youth workers that choose to work in Bimberi.

We have recruited 20 new youth workers since November of last year. I think that is a fantastic effort and a response from the Canberra community that they have an interest in working in our youth justice system in a complex and challenging environment. I think I also said yesterday that we were over-recruited. So we have now seven additional youth detention officers that we can put to rostering. That is a good outcome.

I admire the staff of Bimberi. I think each and every one of them does an extraordinary job each and every day. And it is unfortunate that you come here with allegations of bullying, unsubstantiated. You are not prepared to give me the names. I am imploring you to give me the names, the evidence, so we can, indeed, explore and deal with this. There has not been one sacking as a result of this.

Human Rights Commission—privacy policy

MR DOSZPOT: My question is to the Attorney-General. Attorney, is it the policy of the Human Rights Commission to respect the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of information those individuals give to the commission? And, attorney, are those policies fundamental to the success of the work of the Human Rights Commission?

MR CORBELL: I sense a trick question coming on, Mr Speaker, but I would simply state that the Human Rights Commission treats the privacy and confidentiality of all matters raised with it appropriately and according to its stated policies.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary, Mr Doszpot?

MR DOSZPOT: Attorney, given that the Children and Young People Commissioner could unconsciously and accidentally, as the Chief Minister described it on ABC radio on 29 March, talk about an individual to that individual's workplace supervisor without that individual's knowledge or authority, how is it that the same commissioner could make assumptions about that individual's identity when communicating with an MLA?

MR CORBELL: The Children and Young People Commissioner did not disclose the identity of the complainant to that person's supervisor. It is quite clear that that did not occur, Mr Speaker. In relation—

Mrs Dunne interjecting—

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