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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 2 Hansard (10 March) . . Page.. 709..

MR HANSON (Molonglo) (10.49): I need to respond to the comments that Mr Corbell made. I, indeed, did interject during the debate, and that was to remind members that during the estimates of 2009 Ms Hunter, by her own admission, had said that she had watched much of the proceedings on her television in her room. And I remember that came as part of a debate. That was the political panel on a Friday, which I attended, and that was Ms Hunter's comment. I can go and get the transcript of that, I am sure, if you want me to.

But if Mr Corbell were to review the Hansard from this morning he would realise that that was the comment that I was making. I think all members would acknowledge that. And now what he is trying to do is spin it that somehow I was trying to make an attack on Ms Porter.

Mr Corbell: It is not how it sounded over here, you grub.

MR HANSON: She has obviously, as we know, had some medical attention lately. So I think that is extraordinary. I think it is most inappropriate that Mr Corbell would twist words like that and suggest that I had made a comment like that. I invite the member to withdraw his comment.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, one moment, please. Mr Corbell, I believe the use of the word "grub"is unparliamentary. I would ask you to withdraw it.

Mr Corbell: I withdraw it, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you. Mr Hanson, would you like any more time?

MR HANSON: Mr Speaker, thank you. I would remind you that when members were interjecting yesterday and did not go as far as calling other members grubs, they were warned. I have faced significant interjection—

MR SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, this is not the substance of the debate.

MR HANSON: To be called a grub and there is no warning, I just, if I could, ask you to—

MR SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, return to the motion or sit down.

MR HANSON: Okay, I will return to the motion. I would invite Mr Corbell to review his comments to see whether they are appropriate. You might want to speak to your colleagues and see whether there was any mention of Ms Porter or whether you were the person that has twisted that again. Given the motion you faced yesterday in this place, Attorney-General, which was to do with your twisting of words and—

Mr Doszpot: You are a grub, Simon.

Mr Hargreaves: On a point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Doszpot, I just asked Mr Corbell to withdraw the use of the word "grub". I am somewhat surprised you subsequently used it in interjection. I would invite you to withdraw.

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