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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 2 Hansard (8 March) . . Page.. 521..

MR STANHOPE: What a grub. What a grub.

Mr Seselja: Madam Assistant Speaker, on a point of order—


Mr Seselja: While we are into withdrawing, perhaps the Chief Minister can now withdraw.

MR STANHOPE: On the point of order, I am not sure that I said anything that is out of order or disrespectful or not consistent with the standing orders.

MADAM ASSISTANT SPEAKER: I think that once a point of order has been made—and you did, Mr Stanhope, make a comment across the chamber which was (a) out of order and (b) directed personally at Mr Seselja. I would ask you to withdraw the comment.

MR STANHOPE: I withdraw. I must say I did not realise that was out of order, but I withdraw. There has been, unfortunately, in recent sittings some incredibly grubby behaviour. I think some of us are fed up with the grubbiness of the Leader of the Opposition and some of his colleagues.

To actually accept this wonderful opportunity the Liberal Party have presented us today, I will go to the 192 election promises that we have completed or commenced. We promised to provide a home for Tuggeranong seniors club. We have funded that. That is a commitment made and being progressed. We promised the Council on the Ageing that we would fund the delivery and development of a senior card directory. That is a promise which has been completed.

We undertook to provide funding to the Migrant Resource Centre, actually accepting at the time that their federal funding resources had been withdrawn and we filled the gap. We undertook to provide funding to the ACT community languages grant program. That is a commitment that has been completed. We undertook to improve migrant transitional housing to the tune of $400,000 over four years, and we have met that promise.

We undertook to fund the multicultural youth services program, and we have met that commitment. We undertook to fund a major autumn event, acknowledging the significance of events to our tourism sector, and indeed we look forward just next week to the fruits of that particular promise and our commitment to provide at least $1 million a year for a new tourism-focused event.

We undertook to increase investment to the Canberra Convention Bureau of $1 million, and we have met that election promise. We undertook to expand Floriade significantly—a very successful spring festival, now being invested in to the extent that that particular festival deserves—and we have completed that promise. We undertook to establish and fund an Indigenous public service traineeship program. We have done that. It has been enormously successful and shows this government's

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