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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 1 Hansard (16 February) . . Page.. 177..

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Ms Le Couteur.

MS LE COUTEUR: Minister, did your office receive any other pieces of human rights advice from the commissioner in 2010 that have not yet been released publicly?

MR CORBELL: In relation to this matter, I do not think so, no.

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—safety

MRS DUNNE: My question is to the Minister for Children and Young People, and it relates to risk management for the personal safety and security of employed staff and private security guards at Bimberi Youth Detention Centre. Minister, what is the policy in relation to the issuing of, training in the use of and the actual deployment of personal duress alarms for employed staff and private security guards at Bimberi?

MS BURCH: I understand that there is a protocol in place for the broad set of tools and equipment that are used by MSS officers and youth detention workers out there. But I have also asked, as part of the inquiry I have set up—the security and operational inquiry—that this is investigated and reported back to me.

MR SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Mrs Dunne?

MRS DUNNE: Minister, do you know what the policy is and what have you done to ensure that all staff are aware of and comply with the policy relating to personal duress alarms?

MS BURCH: As I have said, I understand. I know that there is a policy in place and I have made it quite clear—

Opposition members interjecting—

MS BURCH: The question you are asking me is for every sentence and every dot point of every policy out there. I am stating that there is a policy in place. I have certainly spoken to management, saying that that needs to be investigated and reinforced. I have also stated that it will form part of the review.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary, Mr Smyth?

MR SMYTH: Minister, have there been any occasions on which policy relating to the issuing of, training in the use of and the actual deployment of personal duress alarms has not been complied with? If yes, what were the matters of noncompliance and what was done to remedy the noncompliance?

MS BURCH: Those questions will form part of the review, and I am happy to bring that advice back.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Smyth, a supplementary?

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