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ACTION bus service

Adshel bus shelters, 372qn
Cancellations, 374qn, 495q, 503q, 2023q
Data, 290q, 1277q
MyWay card, 1566q, 2024q
Wheelchair accessible buses, 437q, 438q
Advertising, government, 388qn, 391qn, 396qn, 398qn
Alcohol, driving offences, 1155
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Management, 1419
Review, 1292
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1757
Animals, welfare, 1757, 1985qn
Art, public display, 1782q
Arts, You Are Here festival, 2018qn
Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2009, prin 622
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, inquiry, 945q
Buckingham, Dr J, death, 1279
Clean economy strategy, 1905q
Program management and funding, 829qn, 831qn, 836qn, 850qn, 851qn, 855qn, 1241qn, 1242qn, 1244qn, 1267qn
Copyright, government information, 1273qn, 1639qn
Deane's Buslines, patrons, 373qn
Domestic Animal Services, dogs, 343qn
Economy, construction activity, 1064q
Energy, peak oil, 39q
Asian honey bee, 1559q
Cigarette butt litter, 1647qn
Climate change, 1333q, 1656q
Community gardens, 643
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1060q, 1432q, 1657q
Illegal dumping, 1273qn
Information technology, impacts, 899
Landfill sites, 419qn
Molonglo Reach, waterskiing safety, 1142
Namadgi national park, 1535
Polystyrene recycling, 430qn
Recycling e-waste, 854qn
Sustainability strategies, 1836
Trees, management, 1302
Waste management, 1213
Weeds, 1649qn
Federal government, buildings, 1798q
Finance, capital budget initiatives, 368qn
Fitzgerald, Mr A, death, 1513
Advertising, 388qn, 391qn, 396qn, 398qn
Attorney-General, mc 590, 1419
Building vacancy rates, 1789q
Campaign advertising, 10
Cross-border relations, 1351
Employee car parking, 362qn-367qn
Hawke review, 2580qn
Legal advice, 394qn, 402qn, 403qn, 409qn, 412qn
Media and communications advisers, 413qn, 414qn, 416qn, 417qn
Minister for Health, mc 129, 1142
Ministerial arrangements, 283
Ministerial staff, 350qn, 351qn, 353qn, 358qn, 361qn
Office accommodation, 167q
Office block investment, 1912q
Affordability, 748q, 937q, 1655q, 1796q, 2015qn
Narrabundah long-stay caravan park, 297q
Information technology
Environmental initiatives, 899
Open source software, 884qn
Software licences, 1638qn
Labor Party, election commitments, 519, 812qn, 818qn, 820qn, 837qn-842qn, 852qn, 853qn, 856qn, 860qn, 861qn, 1250qn, 1633qn
Lake Burley Griffin, maintenance, 1130, 1132
Legislative Assembly
Planning and Environment, 1535
Public Accounts, 1178
Language, "grubby little man", 1143
Legislative program, 57
Papers, 61, 304, 504, 612, 953, 1573, 1723
Points of order, 520, 524, 526, 747, 765, 1190, 1328, 1761
Motor vehicles, electric vehicle plug-in points, 429qn
Municipal services
Mowing contracts, 385qn,
Property maintenance, 657
Narrabundah long-stay caravan park, options, 297q
Parks Conservation and Lands, employees, 879qn
Block 20 section 23, Hume, 380qn
Canberra Airport, 1206
Change of use, 431qn, 433qn, 434qn
Hawke review, 1187q
Kingston transport depot, 1275qn
Master plans, 436q
Northbourne Avenue, trees, 1428q
West Belconnen landfill site, 432qn
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2010, prin 16 detail 20
Public Sector Management (One ACT Public Service) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1873
Public service
Annual leave, 830qn, 831qn, 1242qn, 1243qn, 1251qn, 1252qn, 1267qn
Employment conditions, 16, 20
Equity and diversity, 301
Executive contracts, 55, 952, 1722
Hawke review, 50q, 179q
Performance indicators, 1227qn
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1155
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1689, detail 1691
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1153, prin 1683
Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, 882qn
Gowrie Oval car park, 245
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1776
Isabella Drive, 223
Safety, 1178
Traffic lights, 883qn
Users, 1277q
Vulnerable users, 601q
Self-government, legislation, 453, 483, 753q, 766q
Territory and Municipal Services, Department, mowing program, 1253qn
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1432q, 1657q, 2024q
Licensing legislation, 1153
Oil price projections, 374qn
Services, 1783q
Wheelchair accessible taxis, 1046
Computer equipment, 1987qn
Draft strategy, 492q
Glebe Park recycling bins, 1985qn
Recycling, 1648qn, 1651qn
Yarralumla Nursery, staff, 854qn

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