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ACT Corrective Services, Hamburger review, 1428
ACT GardenSmart, rebates, 6083qn
ACT Policing

Offences, 3710
Operational outcomes, 5373
ACTEW Corporation Ltd, new dwelling connections, 4425qn
Advertising, government, 387qn-398qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Capacity, 4324q, 6121q
Drugs, 499q, 1422q, 5825q, 5966q
Governance, 2374
Identity bracelets, 296q
Management, 1413
Methadone program, 1323q, 1440q
Prisoner revolt, 2389q
Review, 1297
Staff, 2250q
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, prin 1914, detail (ACT Executive) 2690, 2698, (Auditor-General) 2705, (Chief Minister's Directorate) 2733, (Economic Development Directorate) 2895, (Treasury Directorate) 2975, (Sustainable Development Directorate) 3093, (Education and Training Directorate) 3122, (Treasurer's advance) 3173
Art, public display, 1782q
Appointment, 3511q, 5515, 5537q
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 896
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Complaints, 1182q, 1342q, 1567q
Educational services, 1473
Inquiry, 931q, 1050q, 1054q, 1340q
Personal duress alarms, 1806q
Review, 3752q, 3759q
Safety, 284q, 889q
Security protocols, 737q, 2025q
Buckingham, Dr J, death, 1281
ACT energy wise home energy rebate, 4466qn
Assessment, 1795q
Debate, 1914
Energy concessions, 4467qn
Program management and funding, 829qn, 830qn, 834qn, 836qn, 1238qn, 1241qn, 1242qn
Rental rebate, 4471qn
Revenue, 1787q
Secondary bursary scheme, 4464qn
Sewerage rebate, 4468qn
Special needs transport program, 4465qn
Taxi subsidy, 4470qn
Water rebate, 4469qn
Calwell, planning, 4988
Canberra festival, event scheduling, 488q
Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate
Advertising, 5233qn
Consultants, 5232qn
Invoices, 6042qn, 6043qn
Travel, 5232qn
Chifley wellness centre, landscaping, 5953q, 5970q
Care and protection, 4041q, 4515q, 4520q, 4641q, 4656q, 4663q, 4665q, 4669q, 4731q, 4742q, 4887q, 5019q, 5381q, 5545q
Childcare rebate, 4473q
Regulations, 1554q
Staff, 1437
Commonwealth public service, cuts, proposed, 3793, 5872
Community Services Directorate
Accounts, 4536q
Advertising, 4814qn
Consultants, 4814qn
Travel, 4813qn
Corrective Services, Governance, 2271q, 3523q
Cotter Dam, workplace bullying, alleged, 5824q
Crime, manslaughter, 5273q
Evidence, 5251, 5257
Penalties, 5273q, 5351
Youth justice, 199, 1015, 1036
Crimes (Offences Against Police) Amendment Bill 2011, exposure draft, 3710
Crimes (Penalties) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5351
Criminal Proceedings Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2514
Defence, Korean veterans, 4936
Disasters, Queensland flood relief appeal, 237
Discrimination Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4255
Economic Development Directorate
Advertising, 5234qn
Consultants, 5234qn, 5644qn
Travel, 5233qn
Economy, cost of living, 93, 2278, 2287, 3505q, 3682, 5154q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 4174q, 4321q
Mathematics, 5753
Teachers, enterprise agreement, 4168q
Catholic, 1753, 4320q
Closures, 2074q
Farrer primary school, 3007q
Rosary primary school, 237
Sacred Heart primary school, 4936
St Anthony's primary school, 5900
St Francis of Assisi primary school, 4937
Education and Training Directorate
Advertising, 4816qn
Consultants, 5235qn
Travel, 4815qn
Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Bill 2011, prin 5674, detail 5990, 6000
Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 320
Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3023, detail 3031, 3038
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 4804qn
Emergency Services Agency
Flooding, 5003q
Headquarters, 1563q, 2989q, 4869q, 4874q
Auditors, 5235qn
Electricity feed-in premium, 320
Feed-in tariff, 1903q, 4316q, 4327q, 4422qn
Solar, 5014q
Carbon tax, 486q, 594q
Ecological footprint, 4082
Landfill sites, 418qn
Low emissions industries, 4170q
Plastic bag ban, 5263q
Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate
Advertising, 4817qn
Consultants, 4817qn
Travel, 4816qn
Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2010, prin 449
Evidence (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011, prin 5257
Evidence Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5251
Federation of Indian Associations of ACT, launch, 3455
Budget allocations, 5219qn
Capital budget initiatives, 367qn, 368qn
Capital funding, 4420qn
Home buyer concessions, 4421qn
Home buyer concession scheme, 4801qn
Lease variation revenue, 4418qn
Pensioner rebates, 4800qn
Student transport program, 4802qn
Toilet Smart program, 4803qn
Fitzgerald, Mr A, death, 1515
Gambling, gaming machines, 2807q
Accommodation, 4019
Advertising, 387qn-398qn
Attorney-General, mc 1413, 5500
Building management, 3987qn
Cabinet solidarity, 2415q
Chief Minister, meetings, 2815q
Competence and leadership, 2455
Cross-border relations, 1355
Employee car parking, 362qn-367qn
Invoices, payments, 5059, 5166q
Legal advice, 394qn-412qn
Media and communications advisers, 412qn-417qn, 801qn
Minister for Community Services, mwc 4499
Minister for Health, mc 124
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, mc 5412, 5430
Ministerial staff, 349qn-361qn, 3360q, 3364q, 3371q, 3744, 3786, 3788, 3987qn
Office building, 4417qn, 4599, 4614
Openness, 2423, 2426
Priorities, 2121
Health Directorate
Advertising, 4819qn
Consultants, 4819qn
Travel, 4818qn
Health, subsidy schemes, 4459qn
HMAS Canberra, memorial service, 3559
Waiting lists, 30q, 162q, 167q
Waiting times, 5687q
Affordability, 751q, 1655q, 3526q, 3984qn
Assistance, 3612qn
Boarding houses, 4820qn
Display villages, 3189qn, 3579qn
Energy efficiency, 2315
First home buyers, 4420qn
First home owner grants, 4799qn
Home buyer concessions, 6044qn
Home insulation program, 421qn
Low income households, 4382
Northbourne flats, 5554q
Public, 604q
Residential property transactions, 5632qn
Human rights, legislation, 732
Industrial relations, workplace bullying, 5824q
International affairs, Croatia, 2193
Justice and Community Safety Directorate
Advertising, 5231qn
Consultants, 5231qn
Travel, 6031qn
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 (No 3), prin 5258
Labor Party, election commitments, 523, 832qn, 834qn, 835qn, 2583qn
Land, rates and charges, 1694q
Legislative Assembly
Assistant Speaker, ruling, dissent, 5422
Business, 623, 3456
Chief Minister, election, 2027, 2028, 2030
Justice and Community Safety, 2374
Privileges, 2011, 5515
Public Accounts, 896
Documents, tabling, 5208
Government whip, remuneration, 2633q
Interjections, 2594, 2819q
Language, "grubby", 2364, 2372
Legislation, disallowance, 4632
Members, Smyth, Mr B, mc 4343
Points of order, 591, 752, 1328, 1329, 1342, 1442, 1555, 1702, 1809, 2254, 2363, 2371, 2405, 2818, 3247, 3520, 3910, 4047, 4182, 4190, 4263, 4331, 4333, 4341, 4349, 4354, 4357, 4358, 4519, 4650, 4667, 4743, 4757, 4878, 5007, 5009, 5017, 5117, 5155, 5203, 5267, 5418, 5440, 5502, 5503, 5697, 5705, 5818, 5932
Printed material, 3310
Question time, rostered ministers question time, 3863
Questions on notice, 4068
Questions on notice
Delayed answers, 53q
Unanswered, 5286q
Rulings, dissent, 1621
Speaker, mwc 3193, 3220, 3227
Standing and temporary orders, 4019, 4755, 5934
Valedictory, 6010
Marriage, equality, 5458
Mitchell, chemical fire, 5403q, 5695q, 6118q
Motor vehicles
Drivers licences, concessions, 5220qn
Registrations, 5173q, 5222qn
Multiculturalism, community language grants, 4675q
Municipal services, property maintenance, 665
Murphy, Mr J, death, 2041
National Arboretum Canberra, 5224qn
Northern Bridging Support Services, invoices, 5166q
Parkwood Road recycling estate, risk management, 3653q
Calwell, 4988
Chief planning executive, 3238q
Civic, 5075
Development applications, 420qn
Erindale, 2610
Gas-fired power station, 5947q
Giralang block 475, section 79, 3669
Interference, alleged, 3229q, 3233q, 3240q, 3255q, 3286q, 3641q, 3644q, 3749q, 3894q
Kambah Village, 2610
North Weston ponds, 2413q
Shopping centres, 4138, 4152
Short-term rentals, 5629qn
Strategies, 3608qn
Supermarket competition policy, 3649q, 3669
Supermarkets, 4280, 4289
Throsby, 3334
Planning and Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1895
Planning and Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 (No 2), prin 5742
Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2163, 2381, 2385, 2460, 2465, 2483, 2500
Public Sector Management (One ACT Public Service) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2530
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2010, prin 12
Public service
Annual leave, 829qn, 830qn, 831qn, 833qn, 1240qn, 1242qn, 1243qn
Employment conditions, 12
Executives, 5642qn
Job cuts, proposed, 3793
Pay increases, 4418qn
Positive culture, 3935
Review, 2854, 2866
Staffing, 3347, 3400, 3403
Construction costs, 5643qn
Infrastructure, 3533
Motorcycle Awareness Week, 4936
Parking strategy, 3419
RSPCA, funding, 5412, 5430
St Anthony's primary school, 994
St Mary MacKillop College, 993
Scripture Union ACT, regeneration dinner, 1134
Self-government, legislation, 457
Government commitments, 4463qn
Support services, 1100
Sharp, Dr P AM, death, 4477
Social welfare
Low income households, assistance, 1809q
Targeted assistance, 5309
Sport, support, 4911
Sportsgrounds, couch grass, 5283q
Change of use charge, 1911q
Families, 5977
GST revenue, 5534q, 5555q
GST review, 5802q
Increases, 2985q, 5632qn
Property rates, 4419qn
Revenue, 6094qn
Revenue estimates, 4422qn
Utilities, 3567qn
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
Advertising, 6033qn
Consultants, 6044qn
Fire management unit, 2642q
Travel, 6033qn
TransACT Rocks Movember, men's health, 335
Gungahlin, 5100
Transport, rail services, 4209
Treasury Directorate
Advertising, 5631qn
Consultants, 6032qn
Travel, 6031qn
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 896
Vietnam Veterans Day, service, 3558
Women's Legal Centre, accommodation, 2826q
Work Health and Safety Bill 2011, prin 3887
World Youth Day, pilgrims, 3310
Youth, care, 4041q

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