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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

ACT public service, staff network, 5826q
Criminal justice system, 2655q,
ACT Policing
Operation Unite, 5719q
Operational outcomes, 5362, 5375
Alexander Maconochie Centre, Solaris Therapeutic Community, 5963q
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1766
Budget, assessment, 1795q
Bushfires, preparation, 5158q
Canberra, community facilities, 3907q
Cigarettes and tobacco, "Art in, butt out" competition, 3560
Civic, development, 3760q
Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, forum, 3971
Community services, volunteers, 2647q
Computer games, classification, 3368q
ACT Supreme Court building, 3526q
Indigenous appearances, 2655q
Crime, statistics, 3656q
Businesses and families, 5540q
Conditions, 5011q
Policy, 5815q
Knight report, 4529q
NAPLAN testing, 4707, 4720
Priorities, 5694q
Investment, 3003q
Students' needs, 2093q
Therapy assistance program, 3374q
Teachers, enterprise bargaining, 5799, 5841
Tertiary, 3665q
Emergency services, station relocations, 5394q
Electricity prices, 2267q
Low income households, 2257q
Solar, 3913q
ACT Climate Change Council, 4890q
Car use, 2392q
Sustainability, 3899q
Tree planting, 3561
Floriade, update, 4736q
Chief Minister, meetings, 2813q
Initiatives, 3644q
Openness, 4645q
General practitioners, 4753q
Nurse-led walk-in centre, 3515q
Hospitals, Calvary Public Hospital, agreement, 5808q
Affordability, 2082q, 3525q
Energy efficiency, 2275q
Ownership, 3768q
Retirement villages, 5341
Industrial relations
Australian Education Union, 5546q
Enterprise bargaining, 5799, 5841
Workplace safety, 4538q
International affairs, sister city, Nara, Japan, 4876q
Legislative Assembly
Accommodation, 2822q
Committees, Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 3480
Points of order, 5840
Valedictory, 6020
Multiculturalism, festival, 5282q
Murray-Darling Basin Authority, report, 5716q
Opposition, policy costs, 5405q
Parkwood Road recycling estate, risk management, 3653q
Community space, 2395q
Draft strategy, 4746q
Infrastructure, 2102q
Molonglo valley, 5952q
Regional collaboration, 5732
Spence shops, 2767
Public service, job cuts, proposed, 3789, 3806, 3811
Retirement Villages Bill 2011, prin 5341
Infrastructure, 3546
Segways, 4662q
Seniors, Older Persons Assembly, 4538q
Social welfare
Community concessions, 3234q
Low income households, assistance, 1806q
Policy, 1699q, 2788, 2803, 2806
Support, 4914
Trade, United States, 5274q
Public, 3755q
Services, 4524q
Volunteering ACT, support, 3012q
Volunteers, participation rates, 1854, 1865
Waste, large items, 5023q
Women, status, 4881q
Women's Information and Referral Centre, services, 5436q
Young Canberra Citizen of the Year, awards, 5389q

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