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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 489q
ACT Policing, lasers, 3362q
ACTION bus service

Data, 292q, 1277q
Wheelchair accessible buses, 437q
Administrative (One ACT Public Service Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2011, prin 2536
Alexander Maconochie Centre, crisis support unit, 440q
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1375, 1768
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, prin 1964, detail (Auditor-General) 2702, (Chief Minister's Directorate) 2708, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 2748, (Economic Development Directorate) 2919, (Shared Services Centre) 3041, (Sustainable Development Directorate) 3087, (ACT Public Cemeteries Authority) 3157
Ainslie Arts Centre, 5243qn
Fitters Workshop, 5132
Funding, 4236
Live community events, 5243qn
Megalo Print Studio, 5132
You Are Here festival, 2017qn
Appointment, 3904q, 3915q
Inquiry, 265
Legislation, inquiry, 3261
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 891
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Education services, 5384q
Review, 4734q, 5247q, 5248q
Strip searches, 5265q
Clean economy strategy, 1907q
Debate, 1964
Calwell, planning, 4992
Canberra Services Club, loss, 2759
Carrotmob, sustainability activities, 2195
Abuse, 3750q, 3996q
Care and protection, 4871q, 4894q, 5949q
Civic, graffiti, 5804q, 6108qn
Copyright, government information, 1273qn, 1639qn
Couranga and Tralee homesteads, 3607qn
Couranga and Tralee homesteads, heritage assets, 4798qn
Crime, domestic violence, 2988q, 3623q
Electric bikes, 6109qn
National Ride to School Day, 544
Ride to work day, 4726
Design and Review Panel, replacement, 1276qn
Diamant Hotel, heritage listing, 2759
Disabled persons, housing, 5961q
Disasters, Japan, earthquake and tsunami, 997
Dogs, euthanasia, 6074qn
Construction activity, 1066q
Cost of living pressures, 106
Indigenous, 489q
Information technology software, 1274qn
Knight report, 4530q
Catholic, 4318q, 4319q
Community halls, 3604qn
Counsellors, 2252q
Tharwa preschool, 2636q
Science, 1425, 2024q
Emergency Services Agency, headquarters, 4874q
Costs, 1698q
Efficiency initiatives, 287q
Efficiency ratings, 884qn, 2020qn
Feed-in tariff, 1337q
Peak oil, 39q, 955
Policy, 597q, 1053q, 1067q
Solar, 5012q
Solar rebate scheme, 3003q
Asian honey bee, 1559q
Carbon dioxide emissions, 5897
Car use, 2392q
Cigarette butt litter, 1646qn
Cities for climate protection program, 3605qn
City farm workshop, 4401
Climate change, 933q, 1187q, 1332q, 1656q, 5162q
Climate change, impact, 5954q
Commissioner, 4879q
Commissioner appointment, 3904q
Community gardens, 638, 650, 2607
Ecological footprint, 4084
E-waste, 4525q, 5035q
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1062q
Heritage issues, 3606qn
Illegal dumping, 1273qn
Indoor air quality, 5157q, 6119q
Information technology, impacts, 903
Low emissions industries, 4170q
Management plans, 2581qn
Mitchell chemical fire, 4045q, 4054q, 4061q, 4172q
Noise pollution, 5245qn
Polystyrene recycling, 429qn
Recycling bins, 4060q, 4473q
SEE-Change, projects, 4726
Solar flares, 1651qn
Strategic assessments, 5246qn
Sullivans Creek, 6052qn
Sustainability, 3900q
Sustainability strategies, 1833
Sustainable House Day, 4265
Sustainable transport, 2406q
Trees, management, 1306
Urban street trees, 4826qn
Urban tree management, 4456qn
Waste management, 1219
Weeds, 1649qn
Families, services, 286q, 1332q
Festival of Young Ideas, awards, 5615
Ethical investments, 2812q, 5659, 5691q
Government procurement, 2665
Reportable contracts, 5249
Statements, audits, 3627
Fitters Workshop
Inquiry, 5541q
Music venue, 2942, 2996q
Food, production, 4572
Accommodation, 3275
Community councils, 5647qn
Electronic documents, 1389, 1398, 4032
Feedback and complaints, 3319
Hawke review, 2580qn
Invoices, payment, 5056, 5066
Minister for Health, mc 136
Office accommodation, 3, 167q, 4017
Office building, 3368q, 3782, 4605, 5813q
Openness, 2431, 4648q
Graffiti, Civic, 5804q, 6108qn
Life expectancy, 1565q, 2589q
Respecting patient choices, 438q
Women, 5485
Work safety, 5715q
Affordability, 937q, 1798q, 2014qn, 2021qn, 2263q, 3245q, 4183q
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 744q
Ceiling insulation, 1652qn
Disabled persons, 5961q
Downlights, 6110qn
Emergency accommodation, 45q, 888q
Energy and water efficiency, 4534q, 4645q, 5022q
Energy efficiency, 2307
Energy efficiency ratings, 5397q
Homelessness, 599q, 1197q, 1343q, 2826q
Investment, 2080q
Lighting regulations, 1653qn
Low income households, 4380
Supported accommodation, 5551q, 6123q
Youth, 3643q
Human rights, legislation, 176q
Immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, 5171q
Industrial relations, security industry, 4750q
Information technology
Environmental initiatives, 903
Open source software, 883qn
Software licences, 1638qn
Insurance, community organisations, 4891q
International affairs
Kiribati, 1726, 1869
Somalia, 3695
Japan, earthquake and tsunami, 997
Lake Burley Griffin, heritage issues, 2396q
Lakes, recreational activities, 6121q
Land, block 2, section 22, Phillip, 3603qn
Legal profession, community legal centres, 4626
Legislative Assembly
Committees, 1662, 1889
Committees, Estimates 2011-2012, 2148
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 5132
Membership, 3321
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 258, 1550, 2380, 3481,
Public Accounts, 3, 265, 442, 891, 1601, 2379, 2657, 2665, 3261, 3319, 3626, 3881, 3883, 4014, 5145, 5249, 5659
Dissent from ruling, 760
Matters of public importance, International Women's Day, 793
Members, Smyth, Mr B, mc 4359
Points of order, 1559, 2392, 3361, 3648, 4172, 4320, 4526, 5542
Questions on notice, 3384
Questions on notice, unanswered, 5287q
Speaker, mwc 3206, 3217
Standing and temporary orders, 4017, 5968
Valedictory, 6016
Living Green festival, achievements, 4726
Megalo Print Studio
Inquiry, 5541q
Open day, 5615
Mitchell, chemical fire, 4828q. 5718q
Molonglo, waste depot, 3190qn, 3601qn
Motor vehicles, electric vehicle plug-in points, 429qn
Municipal services, property maintenance, 661
National Ride to School Day, support, 544
Parkwood Road recycling estate, fire, 3817
Calwell, 4992
Change of use, 431qn, 432qn, 433qn
Chief executive, 3695
Chief planning executive, 3237q
Civic, 5069, 5083
Community gardens, 2016qn, 2607
Coombs, 3602qn
Crace, supermarket site, 5245qn
Development applications, 886qn, 887qn
Downer shopping centre, 886qn
Draft strategy, 4651q, 4747q
Draft variation 306, 4738q
Dwelling numbers, 885qn
Erindale, 2610
Giralang block 475, section 79, 3668
Glebe Park, 2258q
Griffith, 3509q, 3756q, 3769q, 6111qn
Guidelines, 1788q
Hawke review, 1054q, 1187q
Inner north Canberra, 258
Interference, alleged, 3239q
Jacka, 6085qn
Jamison Group Centre, 1497, 1504
Kambah Village, 2610
Kenny, 3606qn
Kingston foreshore, 5700q
Kingston transport depot, 1275qn
Mingle, 3191qn, 3602qn
Molonglo valley, 5952q, 5965q
Multi-unit residential developments, 6114qn
Northbourne Avenue tree removals, 2591q
Northbourne Avenue, trees, 1428q
Rural leases, 942q
Shopping centres, 4131, 4149
Sun shadow diagrams, 2019qn
Supermarket competition policy, 3648q, 3668
Supermarket sites, 4797qn
Supermarkets, 4284, 4455qn
Territory plan, 740q
Throsby, 3337
Urban form analysis, 434qn
Variations, 5390q
West Belconnen landfill site, 431qn
Woden Valley, 2643q
Planning and Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1896, detail 2611
Planning and Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 (No 2), prin 5744, detail 5748
Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2173
Public service, annual reports, 2420
Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, 881qn
Driving fines, 6080qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1810
Hibberson Street, Gungahlin Town Centre, 6114qn
Infrastructure, 3541
London Circuit, 2581qn
Majura parkway, 2226, 2819q
Parking, 6107qn, 6114qn
Parking strategy, 3414, 3517q
Safety barrier systems, 4459qn
Traffic lights, 883qn
Users, 1277q
Vulnerable users, 601q
RSPCA, funding, 5268q
Recreational activities, 6121q
Recreational activities, lake-based, 5285q
St Patrick's Catholic Church, Braddon, heritage listing, 6084qn
Sullivan, Mr J, death, 4325q
City cycle loop, 5272q
Eastern regional task force, 3897q, 4473q
Freight, 3243q
Gungahlin, 5093, 5097
Infrastructure, 3654q
Rail services, 4215
Sustainable transport corridor study, 4457qn
Taxis, wheelchair accessibility, 5823q
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 891
Uranium, sale to India, proposed, 5332
Charity discounts, 6070qn
Civic recycling bin trial, 6086qn
Collection and disposal, 6065qn
Computer equipment, 1987qn
Draft strategy, 491q
Glebe Park recycling bins, 1985qn
Large items, 5024q
Lights and batteries, 6067qn
Public waste bins, 4827qn
Recycling, 1648qn, 1650qn, 4458qn, 4825qn
Statistics, 6065qn
System costings, 6064qn
Third organic bin, 6069qn
Weston Creek, community festival, 5475
Women, health, 5485
You Are Here festival 2012, 5622qn
Homelessness, 3643q
Services, 286q, 1332q

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