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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Alexander Maconochie Centre detainees, 3765q
Education, 488q, 5827q
ACT Policing, tasers, 3360q
ACT Teacher Quality Institute Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3949, detail 3953
ACTION bus service
Cancellations, 497q, 503q
Wheelchair accessible buses, 438q
Administrative (One ACT Public Service Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, 2011, prin 2153
Advertising, child sexualisation, 276
Alexander Maconochie Centre, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees, 3765q
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, prin 1925, detail (Legislative Assembly Secretariat) 2689, (ACT Executive) 2693, (Chief Minister's Directorate) 2714, (Economic Development Directorate) 2909, (Treasury Directorate) 2972, 2983, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3047, (Education and Training Directorate) 3111, (Community Services Directorate) 3130, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3156, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3160, (Treasurer's advance) 3170
Funding, 4660q
Loxton review, 4191q
Megalo Print Studio, Fitters Workshop, 5141
Appointment, 5581
Nominee, 4006
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Assaults, 33q, 436q, 607q, 918, 944q, 1655q
Education services, 5383q
Human rights, 164q, 304q, 2160, 2540, 4561
Inquiry, 3385q
Operations, 3285
Reviews, 2683, 3230q, 3666q, 3994q, 4733q, 5247q
Staff, 3241q
Strip searches, 3507q, 5265q, 6122q
Vocational and educational programs, 1470, 1640qn
Buckingham, Dr J, death, 1283
Capital works, 2823q
Clean economy strategy, 1905q
Debate, 1925
Abuse, 3750q
Adoption, 4402
Care and protection, 4043q, 4157, 4522q, 4870q, 4894q, 5949q, 6053qn, 6124q
Childcare, 295q, 311, 3911q, 5788
Institutionalised, 5487
Kinship carers, 539, 2572qn
LYNX program, 738q
Residential care, 5325
Sexualisation in advertising, 276
Therapeutic protection facility, 1994qn
Transport services, 4517q
West Belconnen childcare services, 1112
Children and Young People (Death Review) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 233, detail 547
Children and Young People (Education and Care Services National Law) Consequential Amendments Bill 2011, prin 4838
Children and Young People (Transition to Independence) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3705
Civic, graffiti, 5803q
Commonwealth public service, cuts, proposed, 3797, 3807, 5872
Diversionary framework, 2441
Penalties, 2774
Youth justice, 194, 1018, 5764, 5776, 5778
Domestic violence, 2988q, 3623q
Graffiti, 5803q
Crimes (Penalties) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2774
Disability services, independent living, 513
Disabled persons, housing, 5960q
Discrimination Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4250
Construction activity, 1066q
Cost of living, 96, 2290, 3679
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 5827q
Course statistics, 3597qn
English as a second language, 5848
Indigenous, 488q
NAPLAN testing, 4713
Preschools, 5607
Catholic, 1746, 4317q, 4320q, 4828q
Counsellors, 2251q, 2278q
Farrer primary, 3007q
Libraries, 5641qn
Tharwa preschool, 2635q, 2641q, 2833q
Science, 1424q
Disabled, 1448, 1458, 1539
Expulsions, 5004q
National concession card, 1485
Needs, 2093q
Suspensions, 371qn, 2646q, 5645qn
Enterprise bargaining, 5834
Quality, 3949, 3953
Tertiary, 3520q
University of Canberra, 4771
Education Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5607
Education and Care Services National Law (ACT) Bill 2011, prin 4838, detail 4853
Education and Training Directorate, record keeping, 2326, 2331
Electoral, campaign financing, 4297
Electoral (Donation Limit) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2781
Employment, social procurement, 2868, 2884
Costs, 1697q
Electricity prices, 2268q
Feed-in tariff, 1337q
Peak oil, 40q, 971
Policy, 596q, 1052q
Solar rebate scheme, 3002q
Carbon strategy, 4066q
Climate change, 933q, 1067q, 1185q, 5163q, 5954q
Commissioner, 4880q
E-waste, 4527q
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1061q, 1433q
Indoor air quality, 5157q, 6120q
Low emissions industries, 4169q
Mitchell chemical fire, 4044q, 4055q, 4061q, 4173q
Sustainability, 2390q, 2407q, 3901q
Waste management, 1208
Families, services, 285q, 1331q
Families ACT, funding, 1238qn
Federal government, buildings, 1800q
Ethical investment, 2568qn, 2811q, 5690q
Fiscal discipline, 1592
Government investments, 6080qn
Fitters Workshop, inquiry, 5543q
Fitzgerald, Mr A, death, 1516
Food (Nutritional Information) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3732
Bookmaking, 5672
Gaming machines, 495q
Gaming Machine (Club Governance) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2619, detail 2625, 2628
Attorney-General, mc 5503
Campaign advertising, 10
Competence and leadership, 2452
Cross-border relations, 1358
Invoices, payment, 5062
Minister for Community Services, mwc 4494
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, mc 5415
Office building, 3369q, 3773, 5813q
Openness, 2137, 2423
Shareholdings, 4894q
Cancer, 5109
Life expectancy, 1565q
Midwives, 1556q, 2590q
Sexually transmitted infections, 6096qn
Work safety, 5715q
Affordability, 938q, 1798q, 2263q, 2277q
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 744q
Demand, 2097q
Disabled persons, 5960q
Energy and water efficiency, 4534q, 4643q, 5022q, 5397q
Homelessness, 1197q, 1507, 2827q
Investment, 2081q
Social, 2076q, 5280q
Waiting list, 3374q
Youth, 3642q
Human rights
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 164q, 304q
Legislation, 176q, 729
Vulnerable people, 972
Immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, 5171q
Industrial relations
Bullying, 4542q, 4888q
Community sector workers, 5335q, 5439q
Enterprise bargaining, 5834
Security industry, 4750q
Insurance, third-party, 1171, 1177
Labor Party, election commitments, 528, 539
Lake Burley Griffin, heritage issues, 2398q
Land Tax Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3947
Legislative Assembly
Business, 624
Chief Minister, election, 2031
Climate Change, Environment and Water, 1885, 5663
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1539, 3472, 3874, 4771, 5141
Estimates 2011-2012, 696, 2063
Justice and Community Safety, 1543, 4297
Privileges 2011, 4006
Public Accounts, 1171, 1177, 5524
Dissent from ruling, 762
Documents, tabling, 5208
Legislation, disallowance, 4634
Members, Smyth, Mr B, <B>mc, 4345
Points of order, 2391, 2866, 3521, 5840
Questions on notice, 1810, 5723
Speaker, mwc 3200
Standing and temporary orders, 4196, 5938
Valedictory, 6011
Lynga, Ms P, death, 103
Marriage, equality, 5461
Megalo Print Studio, inquiry, 5543q
Mitchell, chemical fire, 4044q, 4055q, 4061q, 4173q
Multiculturalism, advisory body, 5535q
Murphy, Mr J, death, 2044
Parkwood Road recycling estate
Fire, 3666q
Risk management, 3659q
Payroll Tax Bill 2011, prin 2156
Chief planning executive, 3237q
Draft strategy, 4653q
Draft variation 306, 4738q
Energy efficiency initiatives, 288q
Glebe Park, 2259q
Griffith, 3510q, 3757q
Guidelines, 1788q
Hawke review, 1055q, 1189q
Kingston foreshore, 5701q
Northbourne Avenue, trees, 1430
Regional collaboration, 5736
Rural leases, 942q
Scullin shops, 2410q, 3192q
Shopping centres, 4145
Supermarket competition policy, 3648q
Territory plan, 741q
Variations, 5392q
Woden Valley, 2643q
Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2169, detail 2385, 2464, 2468, 2477
Public Sector Management (One ACT Public Service) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2531
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2010, prin 13, detail 20
Public service
Employment conditions, 13, 20
Freedom of information legislation, 1548
Governance, 3441, 3453
Hawke review, 52q
Job cuts, proposed, 3797, 3807
Legislation, 2153
Positive culture, 3932
Review, 2861
Staffing, 3354, 3398
Race and Sports Bookmaking (Validation of Licences) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5672
Roads, Majura parkway, 2820q
RSPCA, funding, 5415
Self-government, legislation, 460, 478, 767q
Seniors, employment, 5032q
Sharp, Dr P AM, death, 4479
Social welfare, targeted assistance, 5313
Sullivan, Mr J, death, 4325q
Swimming pools, fencing, 828qn
Families, 5982
GST review, 1199q
Land, 3947
Payroll, 2156
Teachers, casual, 3600qn
City cycle loop, 5272q
Eastern regional task force, 3896q, 4473q
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1433q
Public, 5187
Services, 1783q
Sustainability, 3901q
Taxis, wheelchair accessibility, 5823q
Waste, draft strategy, 493q
Funding, 502q
International Women's Day, 539
status, 4883q
Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Bill 2010, prin 972
Working with Vulnerable People (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011, prin 4931
Canteen National Bandanna Day, 5109
Care, 4043q, 4157
Family services program, tender process, 890q
Homelessness, 1507, 3642q
Housing assistance, 1995qn
Justice system, 3472, 5764, 5776, 5778
LYNX program, 738q
National Youth Week, 1571q
Services, 285q, 1331q, 1996qn
Support, 2574qn
Youth Week, 1364

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