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ACT Ambulance Service, Auditor-General's report, 1208
ACT Policing, staffing, 2644q
ACT public service

Executive contracts, 5724
Workplace bullying, 5883
ActewAGL, online suggestions, 1629qn
Administrative (One ACT Public Service Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2011, prin 2147
Advertising, government, 391qn, 392qn
Alcohol, liquor licensing, 5594
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Burnet report, 1327q
Drugs, 1422q, 1573, 2658
Governance, 2399q
Hepatitis C treatment program, 4795qn
Management, 1333q
Methadone program, 1323q, 1440q, 2651q, 4175q, 4691
Prisoner tattoos, 5696q
Staff, 2250q
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, prin 1705, detail (ACT Executive) 2699, (Chief Minister's Directorate) 2713, (Treasury Directorate) 2980, (Shared Services Centre) 3045, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3050, (Health Directorate) 3063, (Sustainable Development Directorate) 3086, (Community Services Directorate) 3130, (Public Trustee for the ACT) 3169, (Treasurer's advance) 3172
Asbestos, management strategy, 723
Appointment, 3510q, 5536q, 5578
Legislation, inquiry, 3260
Nominee, 4007
Reports, government response, 30
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 897
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, review, 4733q
Broadcasting, religious freedoms, 2767
Buckingham, Dr J, death, 1000, 1284
Presentation, 1705
Revenue, 1785q
Program management and funding, 843qn, 844qn, 845qn, 872qn, 1634qn
Budget, review, 62
Calvary Public Hospital
Options, 1150
Ward 2N, 3577qn
Canberra Hospital
Amputee and prosthetic services, 1271qn
Moveable magnetic resonance imaging scanner, 1983qn
Outdoor spaces, 3569qn
Radiation oncology unit, 800
Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate
Advertising, 5233qn
Consultants, 5232qn
Travel, 5232qn
Children, care and protection, 4641q, 4654q, 4664q, 4731q, 4735q, 4741q, 4748q, 5330
Cigarettes and tobacco, smoking in cars, 3849
Civic, graffiti, 6108qn
Commonwealth public service, cuts, proposed, 5872
Community Services Directorate, ministerial intervention, 4739q
Corrective Services, governance, 2270q
Indigenous appearances, 2655q
Self-incrimination, 4092, 4096
Dangerous Substances Amendment Bill 2010, prin 723
Alexander Maconochie Centre, 4691
Cannabis, 1645qn
Corrections facility based urine test, 4823qn
Economy, cost of living, 88, 2283, 3505q, 4302, 5154q, 5160q, 5163q
Efficiency dividend, 2403q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 4174q
Closures, 2074q
Non-government, 2254q
Teachers, enterprise agreement, 4168q
Election Commitments Costing Bill 2011, 769, exposure draft, refcom 5611
Electoral (Donation Limit) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2783
Employment, social procurement, 2873, 2884
Carbon tax, 486q, 594q
Climate change, impact, 5954q
Cooleman Ridge nature park, 6104qn
Genetically engineered crops, 3618qn
Mitchell chemical fire, 4054q
Public unleased land, 5907
Tax proposal, 1193q
Budget allocations, 5220qn
Election commitment costing, 769
Ethical investment, 2569qn, 2811q, 2833q
Fiscal discipline, 1588
Government credit rating, 950q
Government expenditure, 62, 1343, 2106, 2421, 2596, 2666, 3017
Government procurement, 2663
International visitors, costs, 5402q, 5555q
Legislation, 67, 1969, 1970, 1971
Financial Management (One ACT Public Service) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1720
Fitters Workshop, music venue, 2996q
Food (Amendment) Bill 2011, prin 5903
Food (Nutritional Information) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3727, detail 3739
Gambling, gaming machines, 2807q
Advertising, 391qn, 392qn
Attorney-General, mc 5505
Cabinet solidarity, 2414q
Chief Minister, meetings, 2813q
Competence and leadership, 2447
Cross-border relations, 1361
Electronic documents, 4032
Employee car parking, 364qn
Executive, 2269q
Initiatives, 3645q
Legal advice, 404qn, 405qn, 406qn
Media and communications advisers, 414qn
Minister for Community Services, mwc 4503
Minister for Health, 49q, mc 119
Minister for Health, 745q, 1063q, 1191q
Ministerial arrangements, 4731
Ministerial staff, 354qn, 355qn
Office building, 2828q, 3370q, 4417qn
Openness, 2134, 2422, 2636q, 4646q, 5269q
Priorities, mnst 2111
Regulatory impact statements, 3580qn, 3581qn
ACT Health hospital in the home service, 4430qn
Asbestos, 3016, 3180
Breastfeeding, 377qn
Canberra after-hours locum medical service, 4428qn
Cancer, 4807qn, 5166q
Carers, 375qn
Chronic diseases, 4809qn, 5644qn
Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team, 1272qn
Electroconvulsive therapy, 1983qn, 3187qn
Expenditure, 5227qn
Food safety, 5903
Funding, 4429qn, 5643qn
General practitioners, 4752q
Home and community care program, 1999qn
Hospital in the Home program, 6045qn
Inpatient services, 4806qn
Kava, 1989qn
Life expectancy, 1564q, 2589q
Mental health, 1983qn, 2994q, 3017l, 4430qn, 6081qn, 6100qn
Midwives, 1556q, 2590q
Nurse walk-in centres, 1991qns, 1636qn3513q
Nurses, 1642qn
Organ and tissue donations, 635, 5122
Palliative care, 5040
Performance reports, 1080
Practitioners, 5726
Preventative services, 4452qn
Respecting patient choices, 437q
Services, 2099q
Sexually transmitted infections, 6096qn
Sleep Laboratory, patients and staff, 6093qn
Smoking, 4781
Social determinants, 3302
Specialist appointments, 1635qn
Spinal cord injuries, 3575qn
Subsidy schemes, 4459qn
Suicides, 378qn, 3265
Health Amendment Bill 2011, prin 984, detail 989
Health Directorate
Advertising, 4819qn
Consultants, 4819qn
Travel, 4818qn
Bed numbers, 774
Calvary Public Hospital, 2078q, 5806q, 5809q
Canberra Hospital, obstetrics unit, 2098q
Elective surgery, 2086q, 2088q, 2260q, 2272q, 4050q, 4171q, 4233, 4810qn, 5634qn
Junior doctors, 604q
Waiting lists, 31q, 36q, 41q, 43q, 46q, 162q, 165q, 170q, 174q, 2653q, 4062q, 5688q, 5703q, 5710q
Affordability, 3985qn
Assistance, 3613qn
Boarding houses, 4820qn
Energy and water efficiency, 4644q
Investment, 2080q
Social plan, 2076q
Immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, 5170q
Industrial relations
Bullying, 4542q
Enterprise bargaining, 4539q, 4541q
Health and safety, 2341
Long service leave, 4540q
Security industry, 4749q
Workplace safety, 4539q
Compensation claims, 2577qn
Third-party, 600q, 1173
International affairs, sister city, Nara, Japan, 4874q
Labor Party, election commitments, 531, 769, 802qn, 1637qn, 2583qn
Lake Burley Griffin, heritage issues, 2397q
Land, rates and charges, 1695q
Land Tax Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2343
Legislative Assembly
Chief Minister, election, 2027, 2028
Estimates 2011-2012, 706, 780, 1968, 2596, 4007, 5967
Health, Community and Social Services, 1150, 3531
Justice and Community Safety, 5594
Privileges, 5602
Public Accounts, 897, 1173, 2657, 2663, 3260, 5725
Debates, extension of time, 4260
Dissent from ruling, 760
Documents, tabling, 5207, 5707
Government whip, remuneration, 2634q
Interjections, 2593, 2816q
Disallowance, 4637
Program, 3256
Matters of public importance, International Women's Day, 791
Members, Smyth, Mr B, mc 4347
Papers, 70, 505, 1972, 2105, 2421, 3017, 3256, 3264, 4365, 4544, 5175, 5290, 5557, 5725, 5727, 5967, 5968
Personal explanations, 1572, 2418
Points of order, 133, 4655, 5871
Questions on notice, 1068, 1810, 2102, 4068, 4895q, 5034, 5286q, 5387q, 5288
Speaker, mwc 3205
Valedictory, 6009
Lucre, Mr C, death, 1367
Mental health, services, 3577qn
Motor vehicles, registration, 5172q
Murphy, Mr J, death, 2038
Oakey Hill nature park, fuel reduction burn, 6105qn
Payroll Tax Bill 2011, prin 1876, 2157
Call-in powers, 3293
Gas-fired power station, 5947q
Infrastructure, 2100q, 3616qn
Regional collaboration, 5739
Strategies, 3609qn
Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1878, 2187, detail 2381, 2383, 2462, 2470, 2480
Public Sector Management (One ACT Public Service) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2533
Public service
Annual leave, 1246qn-1251qn, 1268qn
Annual reports, 2419, 4071, 4276
Boards and committees, 5623qn
Enterprise bargaining, 4539q, 4541q
Executive contracts, 2103, 3529, 4069, 4543, 5288
Executives, 5642qn
Freedom of information requests, 5331
Governance, 3445
Legislation, 2147
Pay increases, 4418qn
Performance indicators, 1229qn, 1230qn
Positive culture, 3926
Review, 2858
Single agency, 1720
Staffing, 3351, 3395
Public Unleased Land Bill 2011, prin 5907
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2011, detail 4314
Gungahlin Drive extension, 5958q, 6125q, 6126q
Majura parkway, 2233
Parking, 6089qn
Resurfacing, 5955q, 6126q, 6127q
Speed zones, 5957q, 6125q
RSPCA, funding, 5551q, 5611, 6118q
Security Industry Amendment Bill 2011, prin 4309
Sharp, Dr P AM, death, 4116, 4475
Smoking in Cars with Children (Prohibition) Bill 2011, prin 3849, 4781
Social welfare
Community concessions, 3234q
Crisis assessment and treatment team, 4426qn
Targeted assistance, 5319
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2011 (No 2), prin 5610
Change of use charge, 1908q
GST review, 1198q
Increases, 2985q
Land, 2343
Payroll, 1876, 2157
Transplantation and Anatomy Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5122
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 897
Waste, Civic recycling bin trial, 6087qn
Water, Cotter to Googong transfer, 827qn
West Belconnen Health Co-op, establishment, 2967
Work Health and Safety Bill 2011, prin 2341, 3940, detail 4036, 4092, 4096

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