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ACT Corrective Services, Hamburger review, 1430
ACT Motor Trades Association, support, 3843
ACT Policing, staffing, 2645q
ACTION bus service

Accidents, 4434qn
Bus stops and shelters, 3591qn
Buses, 4811qn
Cancellations, 497q, 503q
Compensation payments, 6041qn
Data, 292q
Distances travelled, 3591qn
Drivers, 6058qn
MyWay card, 1566q, 3988qn
Patronage, 6063qn
Real-time passenger information system, 4329q
Statistics, 3588qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre, needle and syringe program, 4178q
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1758
Animals, welfare, 1758, 1985qn
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, prin 1948, detail (Chief Minister's Directorate) 2738, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 2739, (Sustainable Development Directorate) 3092, (Community Services Directorate) 3147, (Housing ACT) 3152, (ACT Public Cemeteries Authority) 3157
Canberra Area Theatre awards, 537, 678
Public works, 6041qn
Radford College display, 937
Australian Anglo-Indian Association of Canberra, achievements, 679
Australian Hotels Association, awards, 2757, 2937
Barilaro, Mr J, election, 1000
Belconnen waste recycling facility
Fire, 4454qn, 4455qn, 4796qn
Improvement notices, 4447qn
Ben Donohoe Run and Walk for Fun, event, 5217
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Assaults, 287q, 607q
Bullying, alleged, 3902q
Inquiry, 1054q, 1186q, 1201q, 1340q, 3373q
Lockdowns, 1059q, 1656q
Security protocols, 739q
Staff, 293q, 888q, 940q, 3242q
Youth workers, 178q, 1657q
Debate, 1948
Program management and funding, 850qn, 851qn, 855qn, 858qn
Calvary Hospital, community open day, 1511
Canberra Chronicle, congratulations, 4403
Canberra Club, anniversary, 240
Canberra Southern Cross Club, community support grants, 3699
Care and protection, 1338q, 1441q, 4048q, 4056q, 4184q, 4365q, 4522q, 4527q, 4657q, 4735q, 4743q, 4886q, 5020q, 5392q
Childcare rebate, 3906q
Flynn childcare centre, 2998q
KidSafe ACT, 1136
Civic, development, 3762q
Community Services Directorate, ministerial intervention, 4739q
Cotter Dam, workplace bullying, alleged, 5824q
Courts, youth justice, 5814q
Diplomatic service, land tax and rates, 5229qn
Disasters, Japan, earthquake and tsunami, 1867
Domestic Animal Services, dogs, 343qn
Business failures, 4067q
Cost of living, 5163q
Burgmann College, 5751
Canberra Institute of Technology, 4064q
English as a second language, 5853
Child protection policy, 1338q, 1441q
Covenant College, 339
Education, schools
Flynn primary school, 2543
Official visits, 2334
St Francis Xavier college, 5617
Staff cutbacks, 5169q
Trinity Christian school, 5481
Students, national concession card, 3254q
Electoral, campaign finance, 2991q
Efficiency, 1440q
Feed-in tariff, 4317q, 4327q
Peak oil, 963
Solar, 6039qn
Community gardens, 648
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1434q
Mount Rogers, 4728
Recycling e-waste, 854qn
Sustainability, 3902q
Trees, management, 1309
Waste management, 1217
Credit card fees, 4796qn
Speed camera revenue, 5229qn
Freemasons Association, support, 3313
Fusion Canberra, disadvantaged young people, 5106
Gambling, gaming machines, 493q
Building vacancy rates, 1789q
Cabinet solidarity, 2414q
Cross-border relations, 1347
Executive, 2268q
Initiatives, 3646q
Minister for Health, mc 132
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, mc 5406, 5434
Office building, 2828q, 4612
Cancer, 4938, 5217
Lung cancer, 5898
Mental health, 2995q
Services, 2099q
HeartKids, charity, 106
Heritage Festival, events, 1628
Hospitals, waiting times, 2653q
Demand, 2097q
Emergency accommodation, 45q
Energy and water efficiency, 1440q
Homelessness, 599q
Low income households, 4376
Ownership, 3768q
Public, 603q, 5561
Refugees, 1253qn
Rental, 386qn
Waiting list, 3008q, 3192q, 3374q
Housing ACT
Complaints, 1255qn
Property sales, 387qn
Rents, 1256qn
Industrial relations, workplace bullying, 5824q
International affairs
Belarus, 3972
Iran, 4403
Labor Party, election commitments, 852qn, 853qn, 855qn, 856qn, 859qn, 860qn, 861qn, 1637qn
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 261, 1553, 3483
Interjections, 2594
Personal explanations, 3769
Points of order, 494, 2408, 2414, 3763, 4057, 4636, 4650, 4759, 4885, 5009, 5010, 5425
Question time, rostered ministers question time, 3860, 3865
Questions on notice, 4192q, 4199q
Rulings, dissent, 1622
Speaker, mwc 3202, 3218
Valedictory, 6021
Libraries, National Library of Australia, 4792
Lifeline, bookfair, 4265
Lin, Dr G, tribute, 6021
McHappy Day, acknowledgement, 5616
Mitchell, chemical fire, 5702q
Motor vehicles
Accidents, 856qn
Registration, 3988qn, 6059qn
Multiculturalism, National Multicultural Festival, 1342q
Municipal services
Mowing contracts, 385qn
Property maintenance, 651, 668, 673
Murphy, Mr J, death, 2052
Llewellyn Choir, 3562
MusicACT, launch, 4595
Order of Australia Association, ACT student citizenship awards, 5339, 5481
Palmer, Mr C, tribute, 5481
Parkwood Road recycling estate
Fire, 3811, 3822
Risk management, 3651q, 3659q
Community space, 2396q, 2418q, 3192q
Hawke review, 1189q
Inner north Canberra, 261
Interference, alleged, 3238q
Jamison Group Centre, 1488, 1504
Scullin shops, 2410q
Tuggeranong, 5028q
Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2187, 2497
Public service, annual leave, 1251qn, 1252qn, 1254qn
Red Nose Day, sudden infant death syndrome, 2198
Revolve, site cleaning costs, 3592qn
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3954, detail 4314, 4389, 4392
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1681
Barry Drive, 6073qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1772, 3661q, 5959q, 6125q
Infrastructure, 3544
Majura parkway, 2215, 2244
Motorcycle Awareness Week, 4939
Parking, 1224, 3405, 3439, 3516q, 3593qn, 3596qn, 3989qn, 4448qn, 4810qn, 5627qn
Red light cameras, 5230qn
Resurfacing, 5955q, 6126q
Street sweeping program, 4812qn
T2 lanes, 5376, 5451
Traffic infringements, 3592qn, 3593qn
Rotary Club of Belconnen, anniversary, 1725
Royal National Capital Agricultural Society, support, 5481
RSPCA, funding, 5267q, 5406, 5434, 5551q, 6118q
Salvation Army, Belconnen spring fair, 5105
Scripture Union Australia, contributions, 1370
Belconnen senior citizens club, 5752
Facilities, 5032q
Skuja, Mrs A, birthday, 1866
Social welfare, community concessions, 3236q
ACTTAB Tony Campbell memorial race day, 4121
Canberra Raiders, 3453
Support, 4917
Taxation, carbon tax, 3378q, 4829q
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
Clothing allowance, 3596qn
Consultant's reports, 3759q
Mowing program, 1253qn
Tongue, Mr A, tribute, 3453
Carbon tax, 3378q
Freight, 3243q
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1434q
Gungahlin, 5085, 5094, 5105
Public, 3754q, 4186q, 5178
Services, 1784q
Sustainability, 3902q
Trees, removal and replanting, 3597qn
Belconnen recycling facility, 4444qn, 4447qn, 4454qn, 4455qn
Draft strategy, 492q
Recycling and garbage bins, 4432qn, 4433qn
Yarralumla Nursery, staff, 854qn
Youth, care, 4048q, 4056q, 4184q

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